DOMO Chemicals unterzeichnet Vereinbarung zum Erwerb des europäischen Performance-Polyamid-Geschäfts von Solvay

Die Vereinbarung umfasst die Bereiche Technische Kunststoffe in Frankreich und Polen, Hochleistungsfasern in Frankreich, Polymer- und Zwischenprodukte in Frankreich, Spanien und Polen  |  Lesen Sie mehr

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Discover the healthy infusion water bottle made with DOMAMID® 6G30 FC NC

DOMO Engineering Plastics has always been actively involved in helping athletes improve their performance through highly innovative sustainable materials.

The latest project, developed with our distributor De Monchy International B.V., is the healthy infusion water bottle for sport lovers to stay hydrated with their favourite fruit flavours during a refreshing break in training.

This unique bottle is made of DOMAMID® 6G30 FC NC (30% glass-fibre reinforced PA6) – an excellent material for consumer goods that is easy to recycle and offers excellent quality consistency. It is also food contact approved.
The customer for this project is Tacx B.V., an innovative company with a real commitment to sport. DOMO has supported them for over 10 years in creating robust, ingenious new applications for serious sportspeople, such as bike trainers and bike accessories inspired by our special-grade DOMAMID® metal-replacement solutions.

Find out more about our DOMAMID® product range at

Tacx B.V. is a leading producer of professional bike equipment and accessories, based in the Netherlands. The company’s key strength is its ability to design and manufacture practically everything in house. Product ideas are developed, tested and optimized fast. From design to moulding and final production, everything happens under one roof – to assure superb product quality for all their customers. Learn more at

De Monchy is an international plastic distributor and consultant specializing in products for coatings, adhesives, thermoplastics, waxes and food ingredients.

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