DOMO EP US flyer

DOMO Engineering Plastics US flyer

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DOMO Engineering Plastics US LLC - Buford - ISO 9001:2015 (EN)

DOMO Engineering Plastics US LLC - Buford - ISO 9001:2015 (EN)

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Supporting customers in North America

Supporting our customers with analysis led design services such as Moldflow® analysis performed by our Autodesk Silver Certified technical service team helps our customers shrink their development timeline, bringing products to market faster. 

Our sales offices in Georgia and Mexico, along with our growing distribution network, allow us to reach and support customers throughout all of North America.
Robert Schultz, DOMO Engineering Plastics US
Robert Schultz
General Manager, DOMO Engineering Plastics US
Buford Plant

Our products and solutions

DOMO US is dedicated to serving markets and consumers with solutions that deliver innovative answers to large global trends, while providing the meticulous quality and service needed for everyday production. Caring is our formula – and formulating with care our daily calling.

As part of its growth strategy for the North American market, DOMO Chemicals has named Bamberger Polymers an authorized distribution partner in March 2021.  

Automotive 2
  • ARICON™ Polyester based solutions
  • AVATANE™ PETGc or ETP based solutions
  • TECHNYL® and DOMAMID®* PA6- PA66 based solutions
  • DOMONYL™ Customized PA6- PA66 based solutions
  • DURATUF™ Acetal homo & copolymers based solutions
  • TECHNYL®4EARTH® and ECONAMID®* Sustainable PA6 & PA6.6 based solutions

*DOMAMID® and ECONAMID® will be renamed TECHNYL® until July 2022. 

motor engine
  • THERMEC™ N PPA based solutions – High temperature and chemical resistance
  • THERMEC™ S PPS based solutions - Excellent temperature and chemical resistance
Concept car
  • SLIQUE™ Friction & wear modified solutions (Based on many resins such as PA6, PA66, PPA, PPS, Acetal, TPU etc)
PA66 application
  • ELASTEX™Styrenic Block copolymers and other TPE based compounds/solutions
  • ELASTEX GRIP™TPE and TPE alloys – Over molding adhesion to most resin families
  • ELASTEMP™ TPE and TPE alloys –High temperature performance solutions
  • ELASTANE™ TPU and TPU alloys based solutions

Our success stories

We support American and global customers by providing outstanding quality, fast delivery and security of supply. Our products and solutions include the following application areas: 

  • MOBILITY - The automotive sector is going through profound changes, traveling at high speed into a new and exciting future. DOMO’s engineered materials provide ideal solutions for manufacturers determined to lead the race.
  • E&E - E&E products are subject to increasingly strict fire codes and flammability requirements, aiming to ensure safe installation and operation of electrical equipment as well as hazard-free use of appliances and devices.
  • INDUSTRIAL & CONSUMER GOODS - For some things, it is essential that we can count on their lasting performance: the tire lever that helps us stay on track when out biking, the pulley in our washing machine that dutifully keeps spinning, or the casings and parts of power tools, industrial machines, and office furniture, which have to withstand daily use and challenging conditions.

Our 4 latest customer success stories


One of our core end markets is the small engine production industry powering commercial turf, industrial pumps, mixer and cutter, but also lawn and garden equipment water pump and generators as well as for Walk-behind and Stand-on Mowers. DOMO is working with many US based producers in all these segments.

THE DOMO ADVANTAGE: DOMONYL PA66, 16% Glass Fiber, Heat Stabilized, Black

  • High dimensional stability
  • Heat resistance
  • Optimal surface aesthetic
  • Customized reinforcement percentage to achieve specific shrink
small engine industry

DOMO is supporting the automotive industry worldwide. Two of our core focus segments are power train and under-the-hood applications, with proofed and established solutions in oil pans, engine covers, air intake manifolds, fuel filters and transmission filters.

Our latest success story centers around replacement of PA66 with a low viscosity, 35% glass fiber reinforced, and heat stabilized Domamid PA6 for truck oil pans. The development in Europe has been matched by homologation of the same grade in our US production facility. This project is just one example of DOMO’s capability to lead and coordinate global projects with professional technical service and flexible logistics


  • PA66 substitution with PA6 without tool steel modifications
  • Heat Stabilization matching application requirement
  • Easy processability and flow
  • Fast Cycle time
Oil pan

DOMO has served the major US based automotive OEM’s for many years. We are offer solutions for vehicle interiors, exteriors, under-the-hood and cable management.One recent development in this segment is replacing a 40% glass fiber reinforced PP with DOMONYL 1834RMC25H BK-1, a 25% mineral filled, and heat stabilized PA6 for one of the primary heavy duty truck  manufacturers in the United States.


  • Higher Operating Temperature capabilities
  • Improved dimensional performance during thermal cycling
motor engine

In applications where extreme temperature and chemical resistance are needed DOMO provides enhanced polymer solutions via our THERMEC product line

One example includes two solutions to realize an automotive electric steering sensor utilizing two PPA based compound -  33% and 35% glass fiber reinforced, one impact modified, both heat stabilized solutions. 


  • High melting point and glass transition temperatures
  • Continuous service temperature up to 230°C
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Outstanding fuel resistance
  • Good creep resistance

TECHNYL®: Now available in the US

With the acquisition of the TECHNYL® brand, DOMO has made a big step forward in its growth strategy. Since 1953, TECHNYL® has offered the full range of polyamide 66/ polyamide 6 based solutions, widely used in diversified applications.


DOMO exclusively produces and commercializes TECHNYL® globally, providing the worldwide market with the brand’s almost 70 years of experience.

Transparency in Coverage

The link below leads to the machine-readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.

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