Domo Engineering Plastics

Up-to-date solutions for today’s needs

The properties of PA engineering plastics make them an ideal candidate for many of today’s altered manufacturing needs, from making light cars to substituting metal in a wide variety of applications.

And with our combination of long-standing expertise and forward-looking innovation, we are the ideal candidate for making the most of these properties.

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Talk to us – and we’ll innovate for you

DOMO Engineering Plastics provides excellent global services with a clear focus on customer needs. Our professional teams are committed to offering fast, open and efficient communication, ensuring easy and informed access to our highly market-driven portfolio. State-of-the-art compounding plants in Germany, Italy, China and the US as well as strong external partnerships support our strategy of continuously optimizing our power for innovation.

One of our main focuses of innovation is sustainability. Thanks to our outstanding teams and R&D department, we are front-runners in recyclate-based polyamide 6 and 6.6 compounds for various applications.

High-performance polyamide solutions

Our portfolio offers a wide range of solutions in the areas of lightweighting (metal replacement), fire protection, thermal management, friction and wear resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity, circularity and processability. Where innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions in the field of engineering plastics are required, we provide the perfect fit for your needs.

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Eco-friendly and impact-resistant

Our ECONAMID® engineering plastics range offers a complete line of sustainable PA6 and PA66 compounds. Based on valuable fiber feedstock, they provide top-grade eco-friendly products with an excellent balance of high mechanical properties, sustainability and competitiveness. ECONAMID® AIR offers reduced surface and volume resistivity for various levels of electrical conductivity. With its combination of high-quality recycled carbon fiber and sustainable polyamide, it significantly lowers CO2 emissions and provides very high stiffness.

Our DOMAMID® product portfolio includes standard PA6 and PA66 compounds such as unfilled, filled, glass-fiber-reinforced and impact-modified materials, as well as special grades for metal replacement and superior aesthetics, plasticized PA6, and a complete range of flame retardant plastics.

Main product groups

Full integration that helps to close the loop

Domo Chemicals operates through four business units, which together form a highly integrated, innovative, market-driven and sustainability-focused company.