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Films with a feeling for the future

Our QEHSI integrated management system ensures extremely rigorous compliance with all international food and pharma regulations – as well as a strong focus on the development of eco-responsible and sustainable solutions. Over the past 40 years, we have strengthened and continuously improved our unique market position. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and fully vertically integrated operations, we are able to offer our customers consistent quality, outstanding service and innovative materials.

Food packaging

Cutting-edge BOPA extrusion technology

We were the first company in Europe to adopt and are still today the exclusive licensee of the patented Japanese “double bubble” simultaneous stretching technology. It yields an unrivaled nylon film with superior properties compared to other available extrusion techniques. The result is a perfectly isotropic, balanced, homogeneous film with unmatched puncture, impact and flex-crack resistance.

A leading position in Europe

With our production plant in Cesano Maderno, Italy, we are the number one BOPA producer in Europe. The two sites enable us to be close to our customers in the northern, central and southern European markets.

Through our know-how and expertise, we build strategic partnerships with our customers, keeping a close eye on and understanding their needs. Our constant innovation and customer-focused service contribute to shaping and driving their success.

Food packaging

Sustainable nylon innovations

Our first big step towards a more sustainable nylon film is NYLEEN™, less is more. In fact, by using an enhanced process we are able to produce a film that has – and maintains – the lowest carbon footprint in the market. Our unique fully integrated supply chain, an increasingly renewable energy mix and optimized logistics resulting from our two-plants set-up allow us to operate with decreasing CO2 emissions. We are continuously working on improving the sustainability of our products and expanding our reach in the value chain – for a more planet-friendly future.

Introducing Nyleen™, the low-carbon nylon film

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Full integration that helps to close the loop

DOMO Chemicals operates in different business activities, which together form a highly organic, innovative, market-driven and sustainability-focused company.