code of conduct

An ethical and legal framework for all employees in the conduct of DOMO business

The DOMO Chemicals Code of Conduct embodies our standards, principles and behaviors that are fundamental to the successful and ethical operation of our company. It’s a clear, practical document that we’re releasing as our internal and external directional compass. The Code of Conduct is the foundation for the relationships we nurture with colleagues, business partners, local communities and society at large. Its guidelines form the backbone of our individual and organizational behavior and the decisions we take.

The Code of Conduct and is a fundamental part of the terms of employment for all employees of DOMO Chemicals companies. All employees receive the Code when they join the Group and are held accountable to its contents. It is available in 8 languages and has been adopted by local boards. 

Curiosity, Care, Respect and Accountability

Our vision is to make a positive contribution to society by creating value for all of our stakeholders. Our mission, #caring is our formula, is to engineer polyamide solutions that contribute to changing the world, sustainably and for the better. Our values, vision and mission make the DOMO story, which ultimately guides us in achieving our ambitions and goals. The DOMO story shapes our identity and makes our DOMO brand strong and unique.

Accountability Number 2