code of conduct

An ethical and legal framework for all DOMO employees

The Code of Conduct is developed around a set of guiding principles addressing topics of relevance to DOMO, its employees, stakeholders, and the communities we operate in. 

We recognize that ethics and integrity are not always black and white. In case of uncertainty we encourage our employees and associated parties to pause and reflect on whether their course of action is right and in the best interest of DOMO. This Code of Conduct is designed to serve as a compass for our employees and to help them in the decision-making process.

Training and guidance

To familiarize our employees with the Code of Conduct, we conduct a training curriculum to foster awareness, understanding and to create clarity on expectations. We encourage a mindset of curiosity and an open culture, where asking questions and giving feedback is valued.

Sharing concerns or observed malpractice

We understand that reporting actual or suspected malpractices takes courage and we truly value speaking up. We encourage our employees to reach out to a person of trust at DOMO or to the DOMO channels mentioned in our Speaking up policy. We also appreciate our external partners' cooperation by reporting to us any actual or alleged violation of DOMO’s ethical principles as stated in our Code of Conduct and other related documents.

Rest assured that DOMO does not tolerate any form of retaliation against those who speak up in good faith and rightfully, and we have embedded this commitment in our Code of Conduct.

Yves Bonte COC

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