Our Mission, Vision and Values


The future of polyamides is evolving, and DOMO is dedicated to driving that change. As a family-owned company, we think long-term. We take responsibility not only for our company and our employees, but also for society and future generations.

We want to strengthen our competitive position, build on our innovation capabilities and deliver the best solutions for our customers, all while respecting and caring for our stakeholders.

safety first

Our corporate culture – defined by our purpose, vision, mission and values – unite our diverse workforce and provide a clear framework and guidance to sustainably increase the value of the company and make meaningful contributions to society at large.

Our mission

Every day, we deliver smart and sustainable solutions for our customers and stakeholders. We provide engineered polyamide solutions that deliver change. As one of the global leading producers of polyamides, we embrace our responsibility in developing innovations that contribute to society and the betterment of the environment.

Our vision

Our ambition goes far beyond delivering high-quality and sustainable polyamide solutions. It is our duty to help build a sustainable planet. Our vision is embedded in our goals, strategies, measures and actions. 

DOMO vision mission

Our purpose

Connect talent and creativity for a better world

The world around us – societies, cultures, markets – is changing at a speed never seen before, and we are changing with it. Further still, DOMO is helping to shape this change.

We bring people together and use our innovative power to make the world a better place. With our global production, research & development facilities and customer support networks, we drive innovation for a diverse set of industries – from automotive to electronics, from chemicals to pharmaceutical, and from food and agriculture to medical. No matter the client, our partners can count on our enthusiasm and utmost care in everything we do.

Our values

We are proud of our strong purpose and set of values, not only laying the foundation for good, communicative, and productive teamwork, but also for sustainable, customer-focused, and entrepreneurial action. Our four values – Accountability, Curiosity, Respect and Care – reflect our guiding principles. They serve to fulfill our purpose: Connecting talent and creativity for a better world.  DOMO’s company values guide our employees, underpinning how they help us to achieve our vision and shape the company’s culture. 


We are responsible for the successful development and long-term profitability of our organization. We take ownership in responding to the needs of our stakeholders while always having DOMO’s and society’s interest in mind. We strive to reach the highest level of excellence.


We embrace creativity to achieve our company’s purpose. We innovate and we courageously explore new horizons to excel in all we do. It is part of our culture to ask bold and brave questions.


We respect all the people we work with. We demonstrate an inclusive and open mind-set, and we embrace each other’s differences. We communicate transparently and we act with integrity to foster trust.


We are mindful of the safety, well-being and growth of our employees. We cooperate and share knowledge to excel as a team. We foster partnerships with our stakeholders and seek to extend collective knowledge to exceed expectations. We are committed to providing sustainable solutions and engaging with our stakeholders to protect the planet. 

Connect careers with talents

At DOMO, our success is determined by the personal commitment and performance of each individual employee. And we know that engaged employee are DOMO’s primary source of value creation. That is why we put people first: our goal is to be a company where everyone is respected, feels safe and is able to contribute.

Every day, we aim to connect talent and creativity for a better world. 

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