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A basis for innovation and development


Acquisition of Premnitz Engineering Plastics

In 2002 we set our first steps in the engineering plastics industry. 2004 marked another highlight in Domo Chemicals’ history with the acquisition of the PA2000 factory in Premnitz (Germany) which meant the real start of our nylon 6 Engineering Plastics business.


Acquisition of the Leuna Caprolactam Site

From the acquisition - in 1994 - of the Leuna Caprolactam Site, with its long tradition continuing today, the history of Domo Chemicals has been an entrepreneurial success story illustrating Germany’s rich industrial tradition, as well as its recovery following a few years of stagnation. Since then, the textile history and experience of the DOMO Group (thirty years in carpet and yarn manufacturing) have resulted in the specialisation and development of a portfolio of high-performance Nylon 6 polymers for textile / BCF / industrial yarn applications.

650 million euro invested

As a result of a solid modernization and investment policy, the Leuna site began a marked upturn as of 1994. Maintaining a consistent added value chain, innovative methods and state-of-the-art technology, Domo Chemicals established its position as a market leader and producer of the highest quality Caprolactam on the market.

Since 1994, over 650 million euro has been invested in Caprolactam and polymerisation, hand-in-hand with further development of new products, product quality, technology, processes and efficiency throughout the whole value chain.


The first plant to synthesise Nylon 6 from caprolactam in Leuna

The Leuna plant has over 70 years of history behind it. Dr. Paul Schlack (1897-1987) first synthesised Nylon 6 from caprolactam in 1938. He later developed the process for manufacturing synthetic fibres from Nylon 6, trademarked as Perlon. In 1942, the world’s largest industrial plant for producing caprolactam opened in Leuna, and its technology and procedural expertise have been developing constantly ever since.

2013 - to date

Global expansion of our Engineering Plastics business by the acquisition of Aquafil EP

The acquisition of Aquafil Engineering Plastics business (Italy / US / China) in 2013 marked the global expansion of our Engineering Plastics business. From that moment on we have been providing specialized engineering plastics solutions for our customers worldwide, active in the automotive, electrical, industrial and consumer goods.

Acquisition of CFP Flexible Packaging

With the acquisition of CFP Flexible Packaging SpA (Italy), a leading European producer of Nylon 6 specialty films for the flexible packaging industry, mid 2014, we are further strengthening our Nylon 6 value chain and growing our portfolio of innovative products and services.

Acquisition of the US based engineering plastics specialist Technical Polymers, LLC.

This acquisition in June 2015 perfectly fits into DOMO Chemicals' strategy to grow its innovative capabilities and globally strengthen the business and service level to its customers.

Technical Polymers is an engineering plastics specialist, based in Buford, Georgia, US. It specializes in the development, production and marketing of a wide range high performance engineering polymers and develops customized formulations for specific applications.  Innovation is in its DNA. The company mainly supplies the US Automotive, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, E&E and Sporting Goods market, and  has extensive knowledge of the engineering plastics industry, plastic part design, tooling and processing.

Nowadays, DOMO Chemicals is a unique integrated Caprolactam and Nylon 6 specialist focused on continuously strengthening trustful partnerships with our customers, built on reliability and customer service in providing innovative and high quality solutions.

DOMO Chemicals is globally active in the field of Nylon 6 intermediates (Caprolactam, cyclohexanone, phenol, acetone, etc.), Nylon 6 resins, Nylon 6 engineering plastics, fertilizers, engineering plastics and Nylon 6 packaging film. With a turnover of 900 million euro and 1100 employees, we continue to expand our business through focused investments in innovation, quality, modernisation, efficiency and global growth.

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