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Sustainability, safety and environmental friendliness

A safer, more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of working and living

As a key part of our corporate policy, a sustainability management system integrates watertight methods used to control quality, efficiency and energy as part of the conventional management of business activities. Both our organisation's management system and all of the production processes at our sites in Leuna and Premnitz are certified.

These certifications are continuously assessed and enhanced using key performance indicators.

Sustaining a global healthy environment

"We strongly believe that next to our aim to further continuously reduce our environmental footprint, the structural investment in and efficient management of the unique CO2 absorber and O2 producer, namely the Tree, is a key component of sustaining a global healthy environment. "  - Alex Segers, CEO DOMO Chemicals

For many years DOMO Chemicals has made efforts to lower its consumption of energy and other resources, as well as the amount of waste. By this DOMO Chemicals has continuously reduced its CO2 emission. In order to leverage this effort, DOMO Chemicals has decided to actively improve the amount of CO2 assimilating trees in the world.

Therefore DOMO Chemicals and the initiative to plant trees “I plant a tree” have concluded to a long term sponsoring agreement. Our common interest is the increase of the global assimilation of CO2 in trees. “I Plant A Tree” is an initiative to promote the realization of the “Billion Tree Campaign” by the United Nations Environment Program. It provides a platform to register all privately planted trees and further actively provides areas where trees are planted for the purpose of CO2 reduction. Until today this initiative has planted more than 147.000 trees which have assimilated more than 8000 Tons of CO2.

Environmental protection & energy saving

As part of our environmental management system, which is certified in accordance with International Standard DIN AND ISO 14001, we continuously keep reducing emissions, waste and energy consumption during production processes at our sites in Leuna and Premnitz.

We have been doing so for the last 10 years and we will keep raising those efforts ambitiously in the future.

Safe environment and products

As a company that produces and distributes a wide range of chemicals, we are well aware of how important it is to handle these products in a responsible manner. We issue up-to-date safety data sheets for all the products we sell, including the chemical safety reports required by the REACH regulation, and supply them to our customers as stipulated by law.

Not limiting ourselves only to those stipulations, we provide our customers with extra information, instructions and guidance on how to use our products safely.


We currently hold the following certifications.

  • ISO 9001 - Quality
  • ISO 14001 - Environment
  • OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety
  • 50001 - Energy

Additionally we have installed several programs and procedures for risk-control.

Please find downloadable versions of all our ISO certificates here.