Anahita Heilmann

Sales Manager Nylon & Intermediates PA6
Andrea Franzolin

Andrea Franzolin

Sales Director Nylon Film Solutions
Chris Coucke

Christophe Coucke

Sales Director Trading&Distribution

Delphine Huguenot

Commercial Director EP - PA66
Kris Denorme

Kris Denorme

Director Global Sales CPL - PA6
Nicolas Forien

Nicolas Forien

Head of Sales PA66 & Move4earth® Project Director
Ron Bult

Ron Bult

Director Global Sales EP - PA6

Sonia Martin Rueda

Sales Manager Acetone/Acetophenon
Tushar Parida

Tushar Parida

Country Manager India
A global presence answering local business needs

Our footprint

At DOMO Chemicals, we have three great passions: sustainable polyamides, our customers and our people. We are dedicated to advancing circularity in polyamide production and securing sustainable value creation in our industry. Aiming to provide excellent service and exceed customer expectations on a daily basis, we offer consistently proactive assistance that anticipates market needs and reacts swiftly and purposefully to new requests.

Our DOMO plants

Engineering Plastics

DOMO Engineering Plastics India PVT LTD.

400710 NAVI MUMBAI Thane MH , India

Performance Fibres

DOMO PolyTechnyl SAS

220 avenue des Auréats
26000 Valence, France

DOMO Polytechnyl SAS
Engineering Plastics

DOMO PolyTechnyl SAS

Plateforme de Belle Etoile
Avenue Albert Ramboz, BP 103
69192 Saint Fons, France, France

is our formula

Caring is our formula – and formulating solutions that strike the right balance between people, planet, products and profit is our way to do business.