Crash simulation

Short-time dynamics require special mechanical simulation tools and the right true strain-rate-dependent material models. Learn more about how you can benefit from our crash simulation capabilities! 
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Typical fields of application include:

  • Airbag housing during airbag inflation
  • Front end modules
  • Oil pan stone impact in engines
  • Seat structures during car crash
  • Ski bindings

Local stresses, strains and strain rates vary within the part under crash load. Our strain-rate-dependent elasto-plastic material laws (abbreviated to SREP) including failure are designed to describe realistically the behavior of TECHNYL polyamides in highly dynamic load cases. This includes strength hardening and strain at failure reduction with increasing velocity. 

As efficiency is key, DOMO’s MMI SREP approach does not require extra computational costs with our DIGIMAT and MMI coupling compared to pure isotropic simulation. This makes it a perfectly efficient tool in all industrial simulation frameworks. Models are available for PA6-GF and PA66-GF as a basis of short-time dynamics covering mechanical properties for strain rates up to 100/s.

MMI material models

MMI material models enable you to determine failure mechanism and stiffness dependencies from variable deformation velocities during short time load dynamics. 

Image: Influence of high strain rates on PA-GF material behavior

Oil pan projectile impact with MMI

Stone impact simulations on oil pan using high strain rate material models


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