Static structural simulation

Our elasto-plastic material files are designed to describe realistically the behavior of TECHNYL® polyamides under a variety of temperature and humidity conditions in general static load cases. Find out more!
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In many cases, the simulation focuses on a static load case. Static in this context refers to low deformation speeds of the part and thus low strain rates in the material. Our elasto-plastic material files describe the elasticity and plasticity behavior of the compound under these conditions.

They all include the first pseudo grain local failure (FPGF) mechanism to predict part failure and location. Customers will find files for every temperature and humidity rate required for their applications, together with files defined to take into account (saturated) material plasticization and aging in coolants.

Local stresses and strains vary within the part. Our elasto-plastic material laws including failure (abbreviated to EP_FPGF) are designed to describe realistically the behavior of TECHNYL® polyamides in general static load cases. For long-term loads or cyclic loads, creep and fatigue material models are recommended.

Typical fields of application include:

  • Covers with gasket loads
  • Mounting systems and fixations, e.g., for engines
  • Automotive pedal systems like accelerator, clutch or brake pedals and their support
  • Pump housings with inner pressure
  • Oil filter modules and thermostat housings
  • Snap fit assembly

Parts in contact with coolants and fluids are also considered taking into account aging phenomena like:

  • Cool and pipes or pump housings with inner pressure
  • Oil filter modules
  • Thermostat housings

Image: Example of elasto-plastic material behavior in tension until break

As efficiency is key, DOMO’s MMI EP_FPGF approach does not require extra computational costs with our DIGIMAT and MMI coupling compared to pure isotropic simulation. This makes it a perfectly efficient tool in all industrial simulation frameworks. Models are available for PA6-GF and PA66-GF with varying temperature and humidity levels.

For applications that include aging with parts in contact with coolants, DOMO also provides a set of Elasto-Plastic material models that take into account the aging of the PA polymer matrix . These models enable the prediction of the plasticization and microstructure degradation in the long-term usage. With these advanced models, long term parts performances can be predicted accurately and designed accordingly.



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