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Louise Anne Fillot
11:00 - Louise-Anne Fillot at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

Enhanced sustainability and more for automotive cooling applications

With DOMO solutions, customers can benefit from a complete portfolio for cooling applications, starting with our well-established PA66-based solution with improved coolant resistance. In addition, we have a new, sustainable variant produced with recycled content, as well as PA6.10 or PA66/6.10-based solutions for outstanding performance, plus a new PA6 solution developed specifically for e-vehicles that has been successfully tested after coolant ageing for 12 000h at 80°C.

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Louise Anne Fillot
11:30 - Louise-Anne Fillot at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

New extrusion solutions for EV cooling and air conditioning circuit lines

Explore the TECHNYL® SHAPE offering specifically designed for extrusion solutions for air conditioning and electric vehicle (EVs/HEVs) cooling circuit lines. Depending on the bursting strength requirement of your application, DOMO experts will suggest the most suitable solutions within the TECHNYL® SHAPE product family, selecting among PA6, PA6.10/PA66 and PA6.10-based solutions, all with high barrier properties to refrigerants. Join us at the K show booth to learn more about our extrusion offer.

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Wilfried Debus
14:00 - Wilfried Debus at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

“HyDom,” our joint project with Hynamics to produce polyamides from low carbon hydrogen

Learn more about our sustainable hydrogen project with Hynamics. The “HyDom” project is a major step toward the decarbonization of industrial sites currently using grey hydrogen. The new hydrogen production plant using the water electrolysis process for the production of low-carbon hydrogen will supply 100% of the energy for the production of hexamethylene diamine, a key component used in the production of plastics at DOMO’s Belle-Étoile site, by 2027.

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Paolo Rossi
11:00 - Paolo Rossi at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

Advanced water management

If you are a technology company active in water management, you have a lot to gain from a visit to DOMO at K, where we will present our line of US and European water contact-certified polyamide solutions, produced in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices system.

DOMO’s simulation capabilities help manufacturers understand the real behavior of materials before moving forward with physical production phases and these have already proven to be successful in brass and PPA replacement projects. In addition, our dedicated prototype and application test benches enable customers to verify part performance over the complete envisaged product lifetime.

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11:30 - Deborah Cirillo at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

DOMO & Grundfos: partnering to foster circularity in the water management industry

In this joint presentation with Grundfos, we will reveal a new pilot with this key player in the water management market. After a short overview of products and services that led Grundfos to select DOMO as one of its polyamide suppliers, we will jointly present our ambition to increase circularity within this specific market.

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Florence Schutz
14:00 - Florence Schutz at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

DOMO's polyamide-based flame retardants meeting miniaturization needs

Specifically formulated to increase fire and electrical protection for power management equipment, DOMO’s flame retardant polyamides give manufacturers an edge when it comes to miniaturization. Indeed, TECHNYL® PROTECT halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) grades enable manufacturers to produce miniaturized components of the highest quality while meeting the strictest safety standards. Visit us at the K show to learn about TECHNYL STAR® and TECHNYL® ONE, as well, answering such specific market needs as optimized processability, reduced corrosion, and thermal ageing.

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Nancy Zilli
14:30 - Nancy Zilli at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

Tailored FLAME RETARDANT PA6 and PA66 grades boosting e-mobility innovation

Discover the full TECHNYL product portfolio of flame retardant polyamides dedicated to e-mobility battery structural parts and power electronics. With optimized flame retardant properties to serve higher wall thicknesses, these solutions provide the mechanical properties to meet the demanding needs and improve competitivity in the e-mobility sector

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Florence Schutz
14:45 - Florence Schutz at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

DOMO’s brand new TECHNYL® C solution, providing increased processability for E&E applications

Join this brief session to discover a multipurpose newcomer to our TECHNYL® C family, especially targeting the E&E segment. TECHNYL® C 102 NC DF is PA6-based, unfilled solution that provides optimal processability, thanks to an optimized PA6 technology, and is aligned with market standard requirements especially for the production of electric plugs, sockets, switches, and connectors.

13:30 - Cecile Corriol at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

DOMO & CLARIANT together to increase glycol resistance of flame retardant polyamides, to meet hybrid and full electric cars requirements

In this joint presentation with CLARIANT, a recognized global supplier of additives including phosphorus-based halogen-free flame-retardants, we have the pleasure to welcome Sebastian Hoerold, Head of Technical Service Thermoplastics, Flame retardants at CLARIANT, to the stage. Together, we will present a new set of data explaining how the type of flame retardant and the nature of the polymeric matrix impact the material performance after glycol ageing.   

Standard TECHNYL glycol resistant solutions are already a reference on the market and widely used in cooling line applications for ICE vehicles. And now, to provide the best solutions for the latest hybrid and full electric mobility needs, DOMO has joined forces with CLARIANT to identify technical levers to optimize glycol resistance at different temperatures for halogen-free flame retardant TECHNYL grades

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Nancy Zilli
14:00 - Nancy Zilli at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

Electro-friendly polyamide solutions for safer e-mobility

Limiting ion migration is a critical aspect in many EV parts. TECHNYL® PURE is an excellent fit for highly demanding e-mobility applications, ensuring safety-critical functionality by preventing corrosion, while remaining competitive with standard solutions.

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Xavier Couillens
14:00 - Xavier Couillens at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

Growing the range of orange shaded polyamides for EVs

Orange is an important color for the modern automotive industry as it is used to differentiate parts that are subject to high voltage. With TECHNYL®, customers can rely on a comprehensive ORANGE shaded offering, ranging from PA6-based solutions up to high temperature nylon, unfilled or high glass reinforced solutions, as well as flame retardant options. Colors are available from RAL 2011 up to RAL 2003. New special ORANGE solutions with improved electrical performance and processability, together with color retention capability beyond aging at 130°C for 1000h, will be presented at the K show.

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Thomas Mairey
14:30 - Thomas Mairey at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

DOMO services for LCA analysis: Aiming for leadership in sustainability

Life-cycle assessment (LCA) analysis is a fundamental process for proving a company’s achievements in sustainability. At DOMO, we have LCA experts in house dedicated to the analysis of our own products and supporting our clients in determining the LCA of their products so that they can improve the sustainability of their own operations and supply chain. Come and listen to our experts at the K show booth to learn more about these services.

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11:00 - Wido Ziemer at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

Joining technology at its best: MMI structural simulation and validation of vibration welded polyamide parts

Vibration welding of injection molded parts is a common practice to produce complex assemblies. DOMO experts have developed a demonstrator to help evaluate vibration welding performance in many application fields, supported by highly predictive structural simulation.

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Stephan Lehnmann
13:00 - Stephan Lehmann at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

A+ Composites and DOMO combine forces to develop TECHNYL® Lite: Polyamide composites with outstanding lightweight performance

Modern polyamide-based composites represent a major breakthrough in lightweight for a variety of applications, including automotive and new mobility, as well as sports and leisure. Thanks to their outstanding mechanical properties, such as specific strength and stiffness, fiber-reinforced composites based on glass and carbon fiber have replaced metal in various applications. 

In our joint presentation with Markus Brzeski, managing director at A+ Composites, we present the combined development of high quality unidirectional (UD) tapes, where polyamide is the material of choice for higher temperature resistance, improved bonding characteristics and very good recyclability. As DOMO’s latest addition in our high-performance brand family, DOMO’s TECHNYL® Lite represents the next step in our lightweight solutions portfolio.  

Join Stephan Lehmann, R&D engineer and project leader for DOMO’s UD tapes, and his presentation on “polyamide composites with outstanding lightweight performance” on Tuesday, 25 October, at 13:00. Sign up now for the event!

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Pietro Banaddio
13:30 - Pietro Bonaddio at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

Power tools solutions from DOMO Engineered Materials addressing performance, safety, color choice and sustainability

Professional power tools and tools and accessories for home and garden are two segments of a market that has grown by double digits in the last few years.

Product choice has exploded to cover the different performance demands and requirements from both end-consumers and professional needs. At K, DOMO will present a full set of products addressing this specific market aiming at increasing performance while meeting the demand for greater sustainability and new technologies linked to battery power systems.

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Xavier Couillens
11:00 - Xavier Couillens at the DOMO booth, OA Hall 4 / 04.3

New sustainable flame-retardant materials for electric & electronic applications

DOMO Engineered Materials’ polyamide range is particularly well-suited for a wide scope of consumer electronics applications, including connectors, power units, and many other electrical parts. TECHNYL® polyamides support complex formulations that combine flame retardancy, excellent flowability, and low migration to achieve the desired safety, strength, surface, and molding requirements. These are now also available in the sustainable family of TECHNYL® 4EARTH® polyamides based on recycled feedstock with reduced CO2 emissions compared to virgin alternatives.

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