Integrated production

Passionate about what we do

To meet tomorrow’s customer expectations and successfully implement our exciting growth strategy, we need engaged and talented people. Engaged employees make us a preferred partner for our customers and are our primary source of value creation. We put our people first. We empower our staff by sharing knowledge and best practices, enabling training and personal development, giving and asking for feedback and raising awareness on health and safety issues. 

A dynamic, respectful and inclusive way of working in a safe and agile environment with a global and diverse workforce is our secret of success. We aim to be a company that puts people first and where everyone is respected and able to contribute. 

Caring is our formula. We care about your talent. 

What about you?

DOMO Chemicals offers numerous career opportunities for students, young professionals and experienced experts. 

We are always interested in meeting motivated, skilled and customer-oriented candidates who share our passion for sustainable polyamides and outstanding service. If you can identify with our passion for our work and the values of our company culture, we would love to hear from you.