Outstanding spinning performance combined with a long and dependable service life

Our high-quality polyamide granules are marketed under our well-known DOMAMID® and STABAMID® brand by our Polymers & Intermediates business unit. They are used for a wide variety of products, ranging from sports, leisure, outdoor and technical clothing (and yes, parachute silk and stockings), to nets, brushes, wires and ropes, to tufted and woven carpets that keep libraries quiet and make office life more colorful.

Besides ensuring excellent spinning performance and easy processing, the fibers, yarns, filaments and threads made with Polyamide provide outstanding strength and durability, homogeneous dyeability and excellent color fastness. The very good mechanical properties of yarns manufactured with our resins enable the production of very fine yarn counts with reliable quality, offering product developers full design freedom while minimizing drawbacks in utility.


A close eye on quality and sustainability

Our close control over our fully integrated nylon value chain not only helps us to ensure the chemical integrity and purity of our high-performance resins for the fiber market. It also enables us to live up to our commitment of constantly looking for ways to optimize our production in terms of energy consumption and environmental compatibility.

Because caring is our formula – and we care beyond the commercial success of our formulations.