Technologic avant-garde

We were the first company in Europe and are today still the only exclusive licensee of the patented Japanese technology “double bubble”. This simultaneous stretching technology yields an unrivalled nylon film with superior properties compared to the other film extrusion technologies on the market. The result is a perfectly isotropic, balanced, homogeneous film with unmatched puncture, impact and flex-crack resistance.

The films based on this technology are ideally suited to retort applications, liquid packaging and high-speed processing.


Filmon® BX

With its tubular simultaneous stretching double-bubble technology, our BOPA films films offer excellent flexibility and durability, for packaging with more effective barrier properties and longer product shelf lives.


  • Isotropic balanced & dimensional stability
  • Unmatched puncture, pinholing and flex-crack resistance
  • Excellent gas/aroma barrier properties
  • Functional barrier for mineral oils

Our FILMON® BX films are widely used in multilayer structures for applications requiring high puncture and flex-crack resistance and an effective aroma barrier. This range is particularly suitable for all converting processes, such as printing, lamination and coating.

Filmon® CS

The cast non-oriented nylon (CPA) film is well-suited to thermoforming processes, provides outstanding transparency and brilliance.


  • High thermoforming performance
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Excellent brilliance and transparency
  • Excellent gas/aroma barrier properties

FILMON® CS (CPA) film products offer a unique combination of mechanical, aroma/gas barrier and brilliancy and transparency properties. And with their excellent thermoformability, they make an ideal solution for a host of applications and processing techniques.

Our brands

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Building on our long-standing expertise in polyamide chemistry and the outstanding suitability of these light, robust and highly recyclable polymers for sustainable purposes, we offer valuable innovations in new and important areas.