Active ageing
Body tuning and active aging

Fitter for longer

The body is no longer just kept healthy with wholesome food and regular workouts but also optimized with smart clothing, body-regulating wearables, and even implants. The doctor’s opinion still matters to health consumers, but so does tracking and tuning their fitness with anything from wristbands to smart mirrors and cognitive training devices.

With professional and self-care continuously improving, it is no wonder that people live to higher ages and stay active longer. Intelligent prosthetics help them retain their mobility, diet supplements enhance their nutrition, and robots lend a helping hand both in hospitals and home care.

Personalization and the great outdoors

Harnessing the winds of change

Customization is already a powerful trend in retail – and it is also set to replace off-the-rack solutions in medicine and wellness. With ever more accurate tracking technologies, mail-order DNA kits and light, customizable materials for medical devices, staying in good health is definitely getting personal.

At the same time, scientific studies on forest bathing and similar activities lend a more traditional approach to staying in good health new relevance. Whether enjoyed with or without the guidance of fitness apps, the great outdoors remain a reliable source of physical and mental balance.

Nylon jacket
Our solutions

All the right materials for leading the race

DOMO Chemicals feeds the trend for smarter health- and self-care with intelligent plastics that help to manage heat, conductivity and electromagnetic interference. Likewise, those looking for raw materials to produce highly processable nylons for sportswear and outdoor gear will find our products in prime shape.

DOMO also provides state-of-the-art film solutions for anything from medical and pharmaceutical packaging to applications that protect healthy foods from spoilage. Since, ultimately, we can only stay healthy if our planet does, our portfolio comprises many products with sustainability benefits.


Solutions for demanding future applications

Shaping the world of tomorrow with smart solutions for a demanding future – that is the commitment we fulfill by addressing important megatrends. To help people enjoy better, healthier and more sustainable lives.