Tailor-made polyamide solutions for consumer & industrial goods

By ensuring a long product life, DOMO’s highly durable TECHNYL® polyamides help to reduce the resources needed to make new products. As part of its strong commitment to promoting change and circularity in the plastics economy, DOMO also offers options with enhanced sustainability in its TECHNYL® 4EARTH line. Made from valuable post-industrial feedstock that helps to close the loop in nylon production, these materials combine the excellent mechanical properties of DOMO’s engineering plastics with an eco-friendly origin.


Consumer & industrial goods solutions


Metal replacement with lighter weight plastics is one of the keys to more sustainable consumer and industrial goods. TECHNYL® STAR is a high strength, high flow polyamide, while TECHNYL® MAX is a robust, glass fiber reinforced polyamide for metal replacement.

Food & water contact (TECHNYL® SAFE)

Through its TECHNYL® SAFE family of polyamides, DOMO is one of the few suppliers worldwide to offer full European and American certification for its portfolio of drinking water contact and water system materials. TECHNYL® SAFE polyamides offer certified high performance for years of service in contact with hot water as well as cold drinking water, in such end products as water meters, heating systems, and home appliances.

Thermal management (TECHNYL® RED)

TECHNYL® RED products offer excellent thermal management, a major benefit in applications involving high operating temperatures currents, or arc-breaking phenomena.

Fire protection (TECHNYL® PROTECT)

The TECHNYL® PROTECT line of flame-retardant polyamide solutions includes halogen-free options and is ideal for electrical and electronic applications. These polyamides achieve the most demanding levels of fire and electrical resistance, providing an optimal response to increasingly rigorous safety standards. The TECHNYL® halogen-free polyamide line is much more than a means to respect industry standards, but also reflects a strong commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability (TECHNYL® 4EARTH)

TECHNYL® 4EARTH® has opened a new dimension of applications for sustainable polyamides, providing leading-edge performance comparable to traditional polyamide 6 and 6.6 (PA6 & PA66) and available in various grades with a glass content up to 50%.

Blow molding & extrusion (TECHNYL® SHAPE)

TECHNYL® SHAPE provides industry-leading polymer solutions to meet the challenges of transporting air, fluids, glycol, fuel, and refrigerants, offering excellent chemical resistance and dimensional stability.

technyl max

Consumer & industrial goods applications

Home appliances

TECHNYL® polyamide compounds can be found in many household appliances, ranging from washing machine door hinges to the brewing units in capsule coffee makers. Their strong mechanical properties, combined with chemical and temperature resistance, ensures the highest possible level of safety and durability.

Sporting goods

Polyamide-based TECHNYL® products are used extensively in diverse sporting goods applications, delivering excellent mechanical performance for bicycles, footwear, winter sports, fishing and hunting equipment, and much more. For winter sports equipment, such as snowboard bindings that need to work in extremely low temperature conditions, TECHNYL® high impact modified, and glass or carbon reinforced grades maintain outstanding impact and shock resistance.

Consumer goods

TECHNYL® polyamides provide efficient and effective solutions for applications in home & office furniture, power tools & garden equipment, leisure & travel, and medical & healthcare sectors.


TECHNYL® polyamides are widely used in industrial applications thanks to their rigidity, fatigue resistance and weight reduction properties for mechanical supports and mountings, robotics components and other parts with high-end mechanical needs. TECHNYL® polyamides are also used in applications for cable management, pumps, compressors and ventilators, castors & wheels, hydraulic & pneumatic parts, oil & gas and other engineering & machinery functions.

Building & construction

TECHNYL® polyamides offer adaptable solutions for designing and producing equipment from piping and plumbing to cooling and heating systems and electrical protection, and more. With an array of solutions for thermal management, fluid, thermal barriers, and fire protection, TECHNYL® polymers are ideal for applications throughout the building & construction sector.


TECHNYL® polyamides are used in fuel tank and other applications for motorcycles, scooters, and motorboats, as well as in certain railway-related electrical and many other functions in the transportation industry.