Enhanced nylons for enduring service

For all these important parts and products, many of which used to be made of metal, DOMO provides lighter, easier-to-process and more adaptable polymers for appliances with its wide range of DOMAMID® and Technyl® polymer for appliances. Based on the high-quality resins from our fully integrated nylon production, they have excellent mechanical properties, such as very good strength and hardness and high abrasion resistance. They also offer high thermal stability and resistance, very good chemical resistance, and tailor-made colors with enhanced UV resistance.


Market-tailored properties and sustainable options

DOMO tailors the properties of its engineering plastics for industrial & consumer goods accurately to market needs. Not just by offering attractive colors and surfaces for tools and machinery, but also by providing improved impact resistance at low temperatures for winter sports equipment, or a high content of glass fibers for effective metal replacement. Whatever your requirements are, we’re ready to come up with a fitting solution.

By ensuring a long product life, our highly durable materials help to reduce the resources needed to make new products. As part of our strong commitment to promoting change and circularity in the plastics economy, we also offer options with enhanced sustainability in our Technyl4Earth® and ECONAMID® lines. Made from valuable post-industrial feedstock that helps to close the loop in nylon production, these materials combine the excellent mechanical properties of our engineering plastics with an eco-friendly origin.