Flying drone
Personal design and smart helpers

Customized wish fulfillment on the fly

For today’s lifestyle products, it is no longer enough to serve some broad general function. Customization and personalization offer a way to stand out from the crowd, and virtual fitting rooms, attentive algorithms and 3D printers are set to make even the most individualized wishes come true.

As for delivery, analysts expect self-driving trucks and package-carrying drones to increasingly lead the way. This will help achieve the progressively higher speeds consumers count on in retail, while in our households, too, more and more digital aids and robotic servants take over menial tasks.  

Lifestyle ROBOT
Experience, athleisure and automation

More machines in front of and behind the scenes

Besides a desire for personalized self-expression, an experience-is-everything attitude is growing to be a trademark of modern consumers. To attract their interest, stores are turned into virtual theme parks with augmented reality features and other digital diversions. The focus on experience is reflected in fashion, where athleisure blurs the lines between casual and athletic wear. 

To manufacture all our new and exciting devices, there will also be more machines behind the scenes. Industry 4.0, with its busy networks of automated supply chains and production lines, will provide the hidden foundation for our more customized, convenient and experience-rich lives.

Industry and consumer goods
Our solutions

The stuff that modern lifestyles are made of

DOMO Chemicals offers lightweight, conductive, flame-retarded and 3D-printable engineering plastics for the many digital devices transforming our lives. And we also provide strong, durable and colorful solutions for the garments, machines and gear that help us more fully enjoy analog experience.

From strong, high-performing compounds for sports equipment, technical VR components and delivery drones, to those for personalized motorbikes, reliable climbing ropes and advanced active wear: DOMO’s innovative and sustainable portfolio makes lifestyle choices easy – and the resulting products a sure fit.


Solutions for demanding future applications

Shaping the world of tomorrow with smart solutions for a demanding future – that is the commitment we fulfill by addressing important megatrends. To help people enjoy better, healthier and more sustainable lives.