Double bubble

Why “double bubble” means less trouble

Our flexible packaging solutions comprise biaxially oriented BOPA and cast CPA films, as well as resins for both technologies. Sold under our FILMON® CS brand, our cast solutions combine excellent transparency and gloss with high thermoforming performance due to their good chemical and heat resistance. The BOPA films of our FILMON® BX range are made with our exclusive “double bubble” simultaneous stretching technology that yields excellent mechanical properties, such as unmatched puncture, impact and flex-crack resistance.

Whether as multilayer concept in coextrusion, monolayer film as cast PA6 or BOPA for lamination, our solutions provide superior protection for food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements, as well as medical products. Although the food and pharma segments are the main customers for our packaging solutions, they are also used for other applications in industry and consumer goods, such as cosmetics packaging.

Sustainable nylon film

While the excellent performance and processability of our flexible packaging solutions can reduce material requirements, the unique integration of our nylon value chain enables us to offer products with a substantially downsized carbon footprint. Through many adjustments across the entire production flow, greater use of renewable energy and optimized logistics, we have been able to reduce our CO2 emissions by up to 28%.

The result is NYLEEN – the nylon film with a lower carbon footprint. According to third-party assessment, not just the CO2 output but also the water footprint of this BOPA film solution for flexible packaging is the lowest on the market. With NYLEEN, we help our customer go green and give ourselves the satisfaction of faithfully living up to our motto – that caring is our formula.