Pure, additivated or in co-polymers, Stabamid® as a tailor-made offer

Pure, compounded, additivated or in co-polymers our customers already use our STABAMID® products in a vast array of applications such as: 

  • Automotive: airbags, undercover parts, hoses & tubing, tire cord, ...  
  • Filaments & Bristles: monofilaments, textile, brush bristles, ...  
  • Industrial applications: Hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, precision gears, ...  
  • Electric & Electronic applications: safety switches and circuit breakers, ...  
  • Oil & Gas transportation: offshore oil pipelines & gas pressure cables, water and gas fitting, ...  
  • Construction: flooring, connectors, coatings, paints, ...  
  • Consumer goods: sportswear, hosiery, kitchen tools, ... 
PA66 application
Automobile application

Engineering plastics

The STABAMID® Polyamide 6.6, 6.10, 6.12 and copolyamide 6.6/6 virgin resins offer high mechanical performance for Engineering Plastics applications in Automotive, Electronics & Electrics components and Consumer goods.  

Our STABAMID® grades offer high resistance to lubricants, engine fuels, hydraulic fluids, coolants, cleaners & detergents, solvents even at elevated temperatures and excellence resistance to hot water & steam, as demonstrated by its use in automotive coolant systems.  

Our STABAMID® grades are suitable for a wide range of compounds with outstanding properties such as thermal resistance up to 150°C, mechanical properties (tensile and flexural modulus), impact resistance, thermo mechanical and electrical properties (good thermal ageing) and a better resistance to solvent absorption thanks to its higher crystallinity. 


Our STABAMID® polymers for Engineering Plastics Applications:  

24 AE 1 Polyamide 6.6 resin for Engineering Plastics general use - Standard High Flow Grade 
25 AE 1  Polyamide 6.6 resin for Engineering Plastics general use - Standard medium low viscosity grade - Suitable for PE/PP alloys 
26 AE 1  Polyamide 6.6 resin for Engineering Plastics general use - Standard medium viscosity grade 
26 AE 2  Polyamide 6.6 resin for Engineering Plastics general use - Grade with intermediate viscosity (between 26 AE 1 and 27 AE 1) 
27 AE 1 Polyamide 6.6 resin for Engineering Plastics general use - Standard medium high viscosity grade
24 B-10 Copolyamide 6.6/6 resin for Engineering Plastics general use – High flow and good surface aspect 
26 B-10 Copolyamide 6.6/6 resin for Engineering Plastics general use – Standard medium viscosity grade & Good surface aspect
27 B-10 Copolyamide 6.6/6 resin for Engineering Plastics general use – Standard medium high viscosity grade & Good surface aspect
30 B-10 Copolyamide 6.6/6 resin for Engineering Plastics general use – High viscosity grade & Good surface aspect
28 CE 2 Polyamide 6.10 resin for Engineering Plastics general use – Standard medium high viscosity grade
38 CE 2 Polyamide 6.10 resin for Engineering Plastics general use – Very high viscosity grade
25 VE 1 Polyamide 6.12 resin for Engineering Plastics general use - Very high dimensional stability



Industrial Yarns

The STABAMID® heat stabilized polyamide 6.6 virgin resins are suitable for a wide range of applications such as tire cords, air bag yarns, sewing threads, mechanical rubber goods. Our STABAMID® grades benefit from a good ability to be post-condensed, a stability of additive concentration and a good dispersion in order to improve the life of spinning pack. Our STABAMID® grades also have low gel contents in order to decrease the spinning breaks.  


Our STABAMID® polymers for Industrial Yarn Applications:  


25 SE1       

Polyamide 6.6 resin for airbag yarns, narrow fabrics & varied applications – medium low viscosity  

25 JE6 Polyamide 6.6 resin for airbags, tirecords and mechanical rubber applications - medium low viscosity grade optimized for postcondensation 
26 JE1  Polyamide 6.6 resin  for airbags, tirecords and mechanical rubber applications - medium viscosity grade optimized for postcondensation  
Carpet cover

Performance Fibres

The STABAMID® high resistance Polyamide 6.6, 6.10 and 6.12 are suitable for carpet yarns and technical yarns applications, Bulk Continuous Filament, Flock, Non-woven, Staple, Textile. 

Our STABAMID® polyamides bring physical & chemical consistency, are suitable for masterbatch addition and are UV protected for indoor applications.  


Our STABAMID® polymers for Performance Fiber Applications:  

27 QE1  Polyamide 6.6 resin for flock, pigmented yarns, fibers for non-woven - medium high viscosity grade with good ability to increase its viscosity during spinning, UV protection for fiber applications 
28 CE2 Polyamide 6.10 resin for performance fibers – Standard medium high viscosity grade 
38 CE2 Polyamide 6.10 resin for performance fibers – Very high viscosity grade
25 VE1 Polyamide 6.12 resin for performance fibers – Very high dimensional stability


application running

Textile Yarn

The STABAMID® Polyamide 6.6, 6.10, 6.12 are offering long lifetime and high comfort and are suitable for a wide range of applications: hosiery, seamless, circular & warp knitting weaving.  

Our STABAMID® virgin resins offer a very good TiO2 particle dispersion for better spinning, a stability of the modified end groups and a viscosity stability. These grades are less sensitive to thermal oxidation, faster kinetic of dye color in order to have deep colors and to avoid dullness defect. 


Our STABAMID® polymers for Textile Yarn Applications:  

25 RS4 Bright 

Polyamide 6.6 resin for textile yarns - medium viscosity, bright grade with 0.03% titanium content 

25 RS5 Semi-dull 

Polyamide 6.6 resin for textile yarns - medium viscosity, semi-dull grade with 0.3% titanium content 

25 RS6 Full-Dull 

Polyamide 6.6 resin for textile yarns - medium viscosity; Full dull grade (1.6% titanium content) with high Full Dull performance in terms of color and dyeing (Market best-in-class) 

28 CE2

Polyamide 6.10 resin for textile yarns – Standard medium high viscosity grade  

38 CE2

Polyamide 6.10 resin for textile yarns – Very high viscosity grade 

25 VE1

Polyamide 6.12 resin for textile yarns - Very high dimensional stability 

Should you need any specific Stabamid® grade ?

We offer the possibility to customize and create the polyamide grades which meet your high demand requirements. Our team of specialists is fully dedicated to answering your specific requests and bringing you their expertise and service. 

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