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Our Technyl® brand

Since 1953, Technyl® has provided the full range of polyamide 66/6 based solutions widely used in diversified applications as the market reference. HUB by Technyl® further accelerates customer product innovation in fast-changing markets.

Technyl® is a trademark of DOMO. Until 1 February 2022, DOMO does not sell or distribute any Technyl® grades to customers and distributors outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland.


Our product range

For 66 years, the Technyl® brand supplies innovative polyamide 66-based solutions for automotive, electrical and electronics, construction, consumer goods and other markets.

Technyl Star

Technyl®  Star is a complete range of advanced high-fluidity technology that offers unlimited possibilities for lightweighting

Technyl ONE

The advanced material solution for electrical protection. HFFR product range with best in class certification, very high fluidity to maximize miniaturization and low corrosion molding

Technyl RED

A heat resistant polymer range for parts operating under high temperatures. Triple-6 technology bringing strong mechanical performance over the time, easy processing and superior surface aspect

Technyl BLUE

Technyl® Blue is heat stabilized PA66 combining superior hydrolysis and thermal ageing performance in presence of aggressive coolants.-

Technyl Exten

Technyl® eXten provides a superior and bio-sourced alternative to Long Chain Polyamide

Technyl Orange

Our latest innovations

At K 2019, the Technyl® Force unveiled HUB by Technyl® to further accelerate customer product innovation in fast-changing markets. In addition, DOMO has answered to market needs with the launch of Technyl® Orange, a brand-new colour-stabilized range designed to meet the safety challenges of electrical mobility, perfectly suitable for laser-marking. The latest development, the Technyl® Blue range has been enlarged with new grades dedicated to eV and HeV cooling systems.

Technyl MAX

Technyl® Max is a polymer technology that can be glass-filled up to 70%. It challenges die-casting metals providing xEVs semi-structural parts superior rigidity and fatigue resistance

Technyl Orange

This is our brand-new range of fire-resistant products for high-voltage components and cabling in EVs. Technyl® Orange offers reliable color retention, laser-marking, high heat and fatigue resistance

Sinterline PNG

Sinterline® Technyl® powders are used in customer-tailored quick solutions for prototype, offering freedom for complex design


A patented eco-friendly solution with similar performance as traditional Polyamide 6.6 while providing breakthrough environmental benefits.

HUB by Technyl

HUB by Technyl®

HUB by Technyl® features strengthened MMI® Technyl® Design, advanced predictive simulation, application performance testing (APT®) and Sinterline® 3D-printing services, better connecting them to our entire Technyl® development offering. 

Our brands

The brands of DOMO Chemicals

Building on our long-standing expertise in polyamide chemistry and the outstanding suitability of these light, robust and highly recyclable polymers for sustainable purposes, we offer valuable innovations in new and important areas.