Urban gardening
Green, smart and collaborative

New visions of intelligent growth

While rooftop greenhouses and vertical farming are blurring the distinction between the city and countryside, the sharing economy is turning urban spaces into collaborative platforms, where co-working and -living blend.

What makes collaboration easier is a new kind of city smarts: invisible digital connections, enhanced by technologies like 5G, that bind not just citizens but entire metropolises into an organic whole. On streets, in parking spots, under bridges, in buildings and sewer pipes, the future city will be pulsing with smart cables and devices that meter and orchestrate its life.

New city homes
Circular, eco-friendly and open-minded

Bringing harmony to urban life cycles

Making cities greener won’t just be a way to grow urban agricultural products but also to foster a greater quality of life. Sustainable buildings will help to reduce impact on the environment, and adaptation of circular economy principles to urban contexts will extend the life cycles of materials and minimize waste.

In these novel surroundings, opportunities for new living concepts will be abundant.  3D-printed homes and drones facilitate life in the outskirts, while modular furniture and flexible renting schemes keep tighter urban spaces affordable.

home of tomorrow
Our solutions

Building the towns and homes of tomorrow

To build our future cities, innovative, reliable and sustainable materials are required. DOMO Chemicals’ trusted polyamide solutions and cutting-edge engineering compounds allow to put one visionary brick on another with confidence and creativity.

From plastics for piping and thermal insulation, to polymers for furniture and carpets, to an entire package of lightweight and recycled solutions for replacing metal and reducing the eco-impact of our homes: DOMO offers products with outstanding performance, aesthetics and processability that help to make even the most advanced urban concepts come true.


Solutions for demanding future applications

Shaping the world of tomorrow with smart solutions for a demanding future – that is the commitment we fulfill by addressing important megatrends. To help people enjoy better, healthier and more sustainable lives.