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DOMO renews Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification for four ECONAMID® products

ECONAMID® FL 6, FL 6G30, FL 66 and FL 66G30 all pass rigorous independent life cycle assessments as DOMO continues to incorporate sustainable innovation into its solutions and processes. DOMO is proud to announce that four of its products have achieved Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification renewal, following an independent life cycle assessment (LCA) that covers critical elements of sustainability through the product creation journey. 

EPD is a document which outlines the environmental impact of a particular product or service. Among the factors considered are energy and raw material consumption, waste generation, atmospheric emissions, and discharges into water bodies.  

The following four products from DOMO’s ECONAMID® engineered materials range have been re-certified:  

  • ECONAMID® FL 6  

  • ECONAMID® FL 6G30  

  • ECONAMID® FL 66  

  • ECONAMID® FL 66G30  

Crucially, the EPD is subject to verification by an independent accreditation body, with this renewal drawing on 2020 data taken from the manufacturing plant in Arco, Italy. Data gathered covered various elements of the manufacturing process, including materials used, scrap pre-treatments, process efficiencies, compounding process, air emissions and process waste management.  

The certification confirms the low environmental impact of ECONAMID® grades versus standard virgin polyamides. Indeed, the level of Global Warming Potential (GWP) of these products have been proven to be one of the lowest in the plastics industry. 

 Comparison of the CO2 impact of Econamid® grades and virgin-based alternatives

Graph: Comparison of the CO2 impact of Econamid® grades and virgin-based alternatives. Virgin grades data from internal calculations with Methodology IPCC 2013 100a. The computation is provided by the LCA software Simapro 9.2 in combination with Ecoinvent database. 

For DOMO, there are many reasons why EPD certification is desirable from an environmental and business perspective.  

Caroline Bert, R&D Engineer responsible for LCA studies at DOMO, explained: “Adopting EPD has enabled DOMO to laser-focus the optimization of our process, which has helped to reduce costs and wastage within the company. It has also provided a structure through which to be more transparent and objective about our environmental performance, a move which has been welcomed by numerous stakeholders. As DOMO continues its journey towards creating a greener, more sustainable plastics sector, we hope other organizations will follow suit in seeking EPD accreditation. As the COP26 summit has shown, collective action is needed to ensure the future of our environment for the next generations.” 

To view DOMO’s EPD documents, enter the references S-P-01079 and S-P-01080 at the EPD portal:  

Econamid bag

DOMO’s sustainability ambitions 

DOMO Chemicals’ two leading brands ECONAMID® and TECHNYL® 4Earth® contribute to circular economy, in which already used polymers are processed again for new, high-quality applications. As part of our ambition to enhance the share of sustainable solutions until 2030, DOMO has pledged to support its customers through a 20% increase in sustainable applications and a 20% reduction in the carbon footprint of DOMO’s products. Owing to constant innovations, DOMO Chemicals continues its ambitious journey to lead in sustainable development, with clear targets and criteria to drive a decade of progress. As result, DOMO has reinforced its commitment and ambition to become climate-neutral by 2050. 

New branding, the same best-in-class products   

Starting from February 2022 all ECONAMID® solutions will be renamed and incorporated under the TECHNYL® 4Earth® umbrella. Following the acquisition by DOMO Chemicals of Performance Polyamides Business (Polytechnyl) in Europe - including the well-known TECHNYL® brand – the company has decided to integrate all current DOMAMID®, ECONAMID® and THERMEC™ branded engineered materials solutions under the TECHNYL® umbrella worldwide.  

The brand merger is focused on helping customers by aligning product descriptions with DOMO’s principles of delivering quality, service excellence and consistency. There will be no change in the composition, technology, or processing of DOMO’s materials. Discover the full new TECHNYL® brand architecture!