It has successfully been homologated for the high amperage MCB application by a world leading supplier of products and systems for electrical distribution in contract and residential buildings, successfully replacing a PPA based material.

TECHNYL® ONE J60X1 V30 Grey 7035 LPU has a full UL yellow card with UL94 V0 rating at 4.0mm, an unmatched thermal ageing 150 °C Electrical RTI Relative Thermal Index) and outstanding electrical properties, including a high comparative tracking index (CTI 0 for 600 volts and higher).

This product has superior electrical performance compared to traditional high-performance plastics. Its low corrosion, compared to halogen free flame retardant high temperature polymers (as PPA), ensures the longevity of processing tools. The material is also UV laser markable.

No change in the mould or in the part design were necessary. Technyl® ONE, based on a high fluidity matrix, offers strong benefits in terms of productivity and design freedom while meeting all required electric specifications.

TECHNYL® – Thermal resistance, electrical protection and top processability – all in ONE


Elisabetta Testa

Elisabetta Testa

Marketing & Communications, Domo Engineering Plastics