Our TECHNYL® brand, which offers innovative PA66 and PA6.10 based solutions meant for PPA replacement, retain the mechanical properties after coolant ageing at temperatures ranging from 80 to 140°C, for test durations comprising between 48h and 8000h.

At the talk, you will learn more about the correlation between mechanical measurement on specimens, part testing results, and material degradation assessed by Gel Permeation Chromatography (polyamide molecular weight, Mw).

Join us to see how this compares between different coolants, and the impact it has on coolant severity.

Our speaker: Louise-Anne Fillot

Louise-Anne Fillot, R&D Innovation Lead Automotive

Louise -Anne joined Rhodia in 2006, and worked 8 years as a researcher in the Polymer and Advanced Materials Lab (LPMA), a joint lab between Rhodia and the French Centre de Recherche National Scientifique (CNRS). Then in 2015, she integrated Engineering Plastics Business Unit of Solvay. She oversaw the development of new products for Automotive market and is identified as an expert scientist in the field of Thermal management (Heat & Coolant resistance) and Fuel barrier properties of Polyamide. In the new DOMO organization, Louise-Anne took the lead of the R&D Automotive team, and she is today in charge of the Innovation projects portfolio for Automotive market.