All these simulations are carried out through DOMO’s MMI TECHNYL® Design predictive platform, a Multi-scale modelling, Mechanical calculation, and Injection molding simulation technology powered by Digimat. To keep up with the need for a larger product portfolio, a faster update of models and higher quality database for customers, DOMO has integrated Material Center in the material cards generation workflow.

In this presentation, DOMO will explain the first step of this process optimization, which is focused on storage of model parameters and on the automating of the Digimat Analysis Files generation. DOMO will then present an example of how to successfully replace diecast aluminum with Technyl® MAX for an automotive motor mount application using MSC One suite.

The result is a 40% weight reduction of the final part, which yields similar tensile strength values as the die cast version and up to 100 times better acoustic damping.

This case study is an example of how DOMO is supporting the automotive industry in its pursuit of more sustainable and comfortable cars.

Elodie V2

Speaker: Elodie Seignobos, Sinterline & Simulation Manager at DOMO

Elodie Seignobos is graduated in polymer chemistry from INSA Rouen. She completed her background with a Research MSc in polymer science from University of Rouen, and a PhD in polymer physics at Rhodia/CNRS joint lab LPMA. She started working for Rhodia in 2006. She led projects aiming at developing new polyamide solutions embedding chemical resistance and heat ageing resistance. In 2016, she took in charge the Additive Manufacturing laboratory division. She is now responsible for the development of Technyl® Applications, leading teams of Advanced Mechanical Characterization, Simulation, Part testing and prototyping.