DOMO is constantly investing in innovative solutions to support automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, being able to help them to create value at each production phase from design through to industrialisation. The TECHNYL® HUB offers a complete portfolio of ‘A la Carte’ services - from material selection, prototyping, predictive simulation, and part testing.

DOMO will present one example of successful aluminium replacement with Technyl® MAX for an automotive motor mount application.

To find the right material is just one aspect of these type of projects. Having a credible partner in simulation and prototyping partner is as much relevant.

During the webinar you will learn as DOMO can support you in defining not only the right material but the also the right part design, by simulating the material behaviour and developing a functional prototype on which to perform the necessary mechanical tests.

All these simulations are carried out through DOMO’s MMI TECHNYL® Design, jointly created with e-Xstream, a multi-scale modelling, mechanical calculation, and injection molding simulation that supports manufacturers in understanding the real behaviour of materials before moving forward with physical production phases. 

This tool grants an unmet quality of the materials anisotropic data for our TECHNYL® product family, and reliable data enable a fully exploit key material properties to optimize form the very beginning new design and reduce time to market.

This technological solution is allied with an extremely comprehensive materials database and allows for a wide range of calculations when integrated with injection process modelling. A powerful and high-performance solution allowing to accurately predict the performance of injection-molded parts made from TECHNYL® materials and thereby significantly reduce the mass and cost of the applications.


Speaker: Wido Ziemer, DOMO Engineering Plastics Europe SpA, Freiburg, Germany

Wido holds a degree in mechanical engineering from RWTH university of technology in Aachen, Germany. Since the start of his professional career in the world of TECHNYL® polyamides in 2004, he followed various projects in all stages of the development process of polyamide parts in automotive industry. During this time, he gathered in-depth insights in computer-aided engineering, pre-series part testing and project management. In 2020 he joined the DOMO’s Advanced Simulation & Design team as Simulation Support Manager helping customers to transform innovative ideas into parts ready for serial production.


Elisabetta Testa

Elisabetta Testa

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