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E-mobility and polyamides: A perfect marriage?

The ingenuity of the automotive sector has always fascinated me. I remember that feeling of freedom from getting behind the wheel of my first car – a feeling that’s hard to match. It is a hugely important industry, acting as the powerhouse of personal transportation, transforming convenience, and allowing us to truly live our lives to the full.

For me, it’s interesting to reminisce and compare that very first car to many of the models we see today.

As the CEO of DOMO, I am privileged enough to see firsthand how automotive technologies and developments are continuing to gather pace. What seemed impossible a mere two decades ago is now reality, with driverless technology and electric vehicles already beginning to cement their reputation as the future of road transport.

The latter – emobility – is a particular area of focus for us right now here at DOMO. It’s a major current trend.

Indeed, the UK recently stated that it would ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars – including hybrids – from 2030, and my team and I have watched as other countries have begun to follow suit, implementing similarly transformative policies.

At DOMO, we are aware that in order for these policies to be met, significant changes and progress will have to be made behind the scenes. It’s not simply a case of swapping fossil fuels for electricity – for electric vehicles to truly work in an optimal manner, every material and every automotive component will need to be fine-tuned in order to deliver maximum performance.

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The benefits of using polyamides in electric vehicles

For us here at DOMO, a large part of our contributions in the automotive arena are focused on the research and development of cutting-edge polyamides.

September is the month of mobility for DOMO. We have been participating in several key mobility events, including the IAA Mobility 2021 which explored the digital and climate-neutral mobility of the future and our next webinar is also about how polyamide engineered materials are essential solutions in today’s e-mobility industry.

I’m proud to say that we’re leading the charge in the development of light, tough, attractive and environmentally friendly engineering plastics that are quickly becoming recognized as an ideal solution for pioneering electric vehicle manufacturers.  

Much of this comes down to the superior properties of polyamides.

Meeting the demand from DOMO’s customers for lightweight solutions, materials, products and components, for example, is key. That’s why our R&D team work tirelessly in order to deliver cutting-edge solutions that match these needs.

By using polyamide-based components instead of metal alternatives, weight can be reduced and fuel efficiency boosted, ensuring electric vehicles use less energy and are therefore able to run for longer. It’s a win-win – the environment benefits from reduced energy consumption, and the consumer enjoys improved convenience.

This is just one example of the many benefits of polyamides. At DOMO, we’re continually unlocking the multiple advantages that such materials have over metals, be it weight, heat resistance, durability and strength, noise attenuation, vibration dampening or others.

Our product ranges also use a range of recycle materials, and I’m pleased to say that we will be increasing the proportion of those products made by recycled materials, with internal targets for 2030. This will not only enhance our own sustainability agenda but align with those of major OEMs. 

We’re proud of our ability to adapt our products in a bespoke manner. And such properties will ensure these components have a key role to play in this all-important market segment for many years to come.

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Automotive application of polyamides

Our research and development department here at DOMO continues to break new ground, uncovering new ways in which the highly advantageous capabilities of polyamides can be applied to components of all varieties and improve overall vehicle performance.

Today, we’re helping companies through a variety of activities, replacing metal in truck side fairing support, automotive air duct mounting brackets and outboard engines covers, for example.

Here, the use of polyamides allows us to simplify the design, reduce the number of parts and enables the molding of one single plastic application, with no assembling and post treatment procedures required. The final products are also lighter, but all mechanical properties are retained.

Today, air intake manifolds often incorporate polyamides to reduce weight, achieve higher fuel efficiency and cut costs. They’re also suited to use in engine covers, allowing for thinner walled designs and enhanced appearance as well as better durability over length of life thanks to sustained strength and stiffness.

In my eyes, polyamides, much like electric vehicles, have a bright future. Airbag containers, powertrain components, door handles, exterior mirrors, grilles, wheel covers, fuel caps – the possibilities of application are extensive, and the desirable properties they harbor ensure relevancy.  

Automotive is, and will continue to be, a key industry for DOMO for many years to come.

We will continue to work on innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers. The adage of enjoying a challenge is ingrained in culture – that’s why we continue to break new ground and unlock new possibilities.

Yves Bonte
Yves Bonte
CEO DOMO Chemicals

“I have a true passion for innovation and sustainability, and I was thrilled to join DOMO as CEO back in January 2020. Since then, DOMO has established itself as a leader in sustainable polyamide based on its strong technology-driven product portfolio with a solid foundation to further build upon. I believe that DOMO is uniquely positioned to support its customers in a cost effective and sustainable manner.  In my blog, I am delighted to share insights, inspirations and industry trends." 

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