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Going from good to great: Why I launched the Improve DOMO program

For businesses which crave certainty, there is still not a lot of it out there at the moment. I joined DOMO on the eve of the COVID-19 crisis, the start of a thoroughly challenging and rewarding period of my career. I reflected upon this in my last blog where I referred to the British wartime leader Winston Churchill, who famously coined the phrase “never waste a good crisis”.

The logo of our Improve DOMO Program, introduced in 2020. 

This thinking prompted the introduction of the Improve DOMO Program. April and May 2020 were enormously challenging months. But rather than adopt a defensive and insular approach, we faced the pandemic head-on and used it as an opportunity to change the company for the better in every way possible – with the ultimate goal of going from good to great.

As DOMO’s CEO, I envision “Improve DOMO” as a comprehensive transformation that will bring about this fundamental change. In essence, the program is designed to ensure the financial health of the company, to uplift capabilities and to guide all of us at DOMO Chemicals through a massive transformation process.

There are two major purposes or ongoing objectives:

  1. Continue to bring the best offering in the industry to our customers.
  2. Position DOMO in the top tier of global polyamide solutions organizations.

Just as important is reformulating and curating our culture and the way we work, and this, along with the performance-related objectives, can only be achieved with a truly inspiring set of clearly defined values, mission, vision and purpose.

A basis for growth and expansion – from sustainable solutions to geography

Two important areas that underpin and inform my strategy to take DOMO from good to great are: portfolio optimization and innovation. I believe that by investing in bright people and ideas, DOMO’s products and solutions will continue to be among the best in the industry.

One area where we are already seeing strong potential is in the Electric Vehicle and automotive industry. When it comes to lightweight plastic products, Polyamide is becoming one of the preferred materials for the automotive industry as it brings technological advantages in challenging environments.

In addition to innovative solutions, the Improve DOMO growth plan includes expanding into new areas outside of the European Union to better meet the needs of our global customers. Returning from Chinaplas in March 2021, we clearly saw a healthy demand for polyamide and sustainable solutions at global level, so we will continue looking for opportunities to develop in Asia and North America.

Finally, and by no means the least significant, is sustainability – and in this area, DOMO has a big role to play.

Our solutions are used in a vast array of industrial activities, and we have already laid down a foundation in the area with the development of TECHNYL4EARTH, which is a unique plastic recycling technology used for airbags. Plus, DOMO is recognized as a leader for recycled polyamide with its ECONAMID product portfolio.

But there is more we can do. This is why we recently announced our own sustainability goals. By 2030, we want to emit 20% less CO2, consume 15% less carbon-based energy and obtain 7% less industrial waste. In this way, we want to take responsibility for achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

As you can see, Improve DOMO is a program with clear objectives, crystalized and set out over time to enable prioritization and focus – it is only with such prioritization and focus that we can succeed with the execution of our growth strategy.

And this is, ultimately, what I am responsible for as CEO. Delivering growth for the betterment of our shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers and societies is why I am here.

DOMO Chemicals mission and vision


Our mission

Every day, we deliver smart and sustainable solutions for our customers and stakeholders. We provide engineered polyamide solutions that deliver change. As one of the global leading producers of polyamides, we embrace our responsibility in developing innovations that contribute to society and the betterment of the environment.

#caringisourformula to engineer polyamide solutions that contribute to changing the world, sustainably and for the better. 

Yves Bonte
Yves Bonte
CEO DOMO Chemicals

“I have a true passion for innovation and sustainability, and I was thrilled to join DOMO as CEO back in January 2020. Since then, DOMO has established itself as a leader in sustainable polyamide based on its strong technology-driven product portfolio with a solid foundation to further build upon. I believe that DOMO is uniquely positioned to support its customers in a cost effective and sustainable manner.  In my blog, I am delighted to share insights, inspirations and industry trends." 

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