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Yves Bonte
CEO DOMO Chemicals
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Looking back at 2021

As we approach the festive season and winter starts to kick in, it is naturally a time both for reflection on the year that has passed and looking ahead to what may or may not be in store for 2022.

We all know that 2021 has, in so many ways, been an eventful year.

From the flash floods across Europe in the summer to the extraordinary blockage incident in the Suez Canal (yes, that does indeed feel like an age ago), as a business we have had to contend with an unprecedented array of external disruptions and influences.

It has tested our resolve and agility, but as I write this blog I could not be prouder of how the DOMO family has come together and ensured we enter 2022 stronger than this time a year ago.

Indeed, this time of year is all about sharing memories and spending time with family. At DOMO, as a family-owned company, we try to impart this feeling of kinship into our culture – a family which extends not only to our employees but also to our customers and partners up and down the value chain.

Caring is our formula

This is encapsulated in our mantra that caring is our formula.

We think long-term, take responsibility for our company, its people and also wider society both today and with future generations in mind. This, we believe, enables DOMO to create outstanding value for our customers and helps us to create a better world by connecting talent and creativity.

The past year has seen the best of our family-oriented culture come to the fore.

Be it safeguarding the wellbeing of our employees to driving forwards our sustainability agenda, never have our values been more important to fulfilling our purpose.

As we head into 2022, let’s remind ourselves of these guiding principles. There are four in total.

The first, accountability, is all about taking responsibility and ownership around everything that I have just touched upon. This means being responsible for the successful development and long-term viability of the organization, and taking ownership in responding to the needs of our stakeholders through a lens which also focuses on DOMO’s and society’s wider interests.

Curiosity, our second value, is central to fulfilling our purpose of connecting talent and creativity to help build a better world. We normalize asking questions – questions which are bold and brave, and can be asked in an environment where ideas flow freely and employees feel comfortable letting their voices be heard. Without this culture, DOMO would not be able to innovate and courageously explore new horizons.

This environment is facilitated and underpinned by respect for all people we work with. DOMO operates with an inclusive and open mindset, embraces differences and communicates with transparency to nurture relationships which are based on integrity and trust.

Last but not least is care – what our overarching mantra is all about. That means caring for all the people involved with our business, not least the safety, physical and mental wellbeing and growth of our employees. As well as looking out for individuals, we cooperate and share knowledge to excel as a team, both internally and externally with partners and other stakeholders. DOMO also cares for the planet – our endeavors to cut the environmental footprint of our products are framed around a series of solidified commitments which will lead us to carbon neutrality by 2050.     

A continual journey of improvement

Important as it is to remind ourselves of the values which have helped us to successfully navigate 2021, it is equally critical to consider how DOMO can keep on improving into the future.

Back in July, I wrote a blog outlining why I launched the Improve DOMO program. It provides a framework for continuous improvement that underpins my strategy to take DOMO from good to great.

As we approach 2022, the two ongoing objectives encapsulated in Improve DOMO will boost our improvement strategy:

  1. To continue to bring the best offering in the industry to our customers.
  2. To position DOMO in the top tier of global polyamide solutions provider.

In regard to the first of these objectives, portfolio optimization and innovation will be critical, and 2021 has already seen us make tremendous strides with the acquisition and development of the TECHNYL portfolio, which will be the single brand identify for our products and available across the world by February 2022.

This feeds into the second objective around DOMO’s positioning in the global top tier. In 2022, thanks to hard work completed this year, we will be able to better explore new areas outside of the European Union to meet the needs of our global customers.

An exciting chapter awaits us. But before we embark on 2022’s journey, I want to thank every one of our DOMO family members for sticking with us, going the extra mile and showing the dedication, skill and kindness that makes me proud to wake up as CEO of this organization every day.

Here’s to a peaceful and enjoyable festive period for us all.

Yves Bonte
Yves Bonte
CEO DOMO Chemicals

“I have a true passion for innovation and sustainability, and I was thrilled to join DOMO as CEO back in January 2020. Since then, DOMO has established itself as a leader in sustainable polyamide based on its strong technology-driven product portfolio with a solid foundation to further build upon. I believe that DOMO is uniquely positioned to support its customers in a cost effective and sustainable manner.  In my blog, I am delighted to share insights, inspirations and industry trends." 

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