Archman adopts DOMO Chemicals solution in new gardening tool
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Archman adopts DOMO Chemicals solution in new gardening tool

  • Archman selected ECONAMID® AIR for its new HELIUM Electric Tree Pruner.
  • The material was chosen for its lightweight, strength, electrical conductivity and sustainability credentials.
  • DOMO and Guberti Spa worked with Archman from early development through to launch.

Photo courtesy of RPT.

The material’s lightweight, strength, electrical conductivity and sustainability credentials, made ECONAMID® AIR the ideal material for this application. The lightweight nature of the material offers comfort for the user, while its electrical conductivity prevents the accumulation of energy, and the risk of unpleasant small electrical shocks during use.

DOMO, with the help of Italian distribution partner Guberti Spa, worked in close collaboration with Archman from the early development phase through to launch to ensure that end of life considerations were taken on board during the design phase.

A combination of strength and sustainability

ECONAMID® AIR is the flagship among DOMO’s line of LIGHT ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS, which includes products, prototyping and simulation services, to redesign and rethink applications under the eco-design trend.

This innovative solution grants reduced surface and volume resistivity for various levels of electrical conductivity, from anti-static and static dissipation properties to EMI super-shielding. These additional properties can be used by OEM and TIER in the development of connectors, fuel filtering components, LIDAR, camera housings and electronic components.

ECONAMID® AIR offers both strength and sustainability credentials. The solution has a 90 percent reduced carbon footprint when compared to prime polyamide. Furthermore, it offers high stiffness with low density, electrical conductivity, electrical surface & volume resistivity, and improved tribological properties.

“Archman’s HELIUM Electric Tree Pruner is a further demonstration that ECONAMID® AIR is the perfect solution for all kind of DIY tools and sports equipment, where lightweight and electrical conductivity are needed,” says Leonardo Comperatore, R&D Manager at DOMO. “Thanks to the combination of high-quality recycled carbon fiber and sustainable polyamide, ECONAMID® AIR allowed for a significant reduction of CO2 emissions, without affecting the mechanical properties of the product,” he adds.

DOMO continues to develop its range of sustainable nylon solutions that help to assist the transition from a linear to a circular, resource-efficient economy. The company is backing up commitments with proactive steps to engineer solutions that benefit reducing, reusing and making a closed loop to reach achievable goals, such as ECONAMID® AIR.

“We are leader in sustainable polyamide solutions and continue to focus on the use of alternative raw materials to establish a circular nylon model in the plastics industry. We believe that this is the only way forward,” Comperatore concludes.

About Archman

Archman srl has been on the market for over 40 years with the production of scissors for viticulture, horticulture, and gardening. It is synonymous with loyalty to the needs and tastes of its customers, which includes both professional operators and hobbyists. Archman is known for the high quality of its products which are solid, light and easy to handle so that work and comfort are combined, for the end user maximum benefit.

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