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DOMAMID top-performing PA6 powders tailored for rotational molding

Rotational molding is a plastics manufacturing process that enables companies to produce complex hollow parts that would be virtually impossible to manufacture using other processes, such as injection molding, thermoforming or blow molding. Rotational molding allows manufacturers to produce durable parts with high-quality finishes, uniform wall thicknesses, and high stability. Rotational molded parts can also be produced economically on a small scale, and in an eco-friendly manner, as materials can easily be recycled and re-used.

Rotational Molding, also known as rotomolding or rotocasting, makes it possible for design shapes and features to blend seamlessly. Curves and transitions can be accomplished in the design process, enabling geometric shapes that enhance the product’s aesthetics while also adding durability. Ribs and kiss-offs may be added to the design to increase strength and rigidity, while additional angles and shapes can further strengthen the part.

Typical products made with rotational molding include fuel and chemical tanks, air ducts, laundry carts, playground equipment, shipping containers, pallets, bins, trash cans, liners, secondary containment tubs, buoys, septic tanks, piping, barriers, agricultural tanks, bulk storage containers, and machine housings.

A variety of materials are available for rotational molding, including PA6-and PA66-based nylon. PA6 is mainly used in the production of tanks, thanks to its excellent mechanical properties compared to polypropylene, and its intrinsic permeability in contrast to polyethylene.

DOMAMID powders

DOMO Engineered Materials, part of DOMO Chemicals, is a European market leader in PA6- and PA66-based techno-polymers. As a nylon expert, the company has also developed some very capable powders for this specific market niche. These includerotational molding-compatible powders for truck air ducts as well as for several types of chemical and fuel tanks.

The three powder solutions available in the DOMAMID® portfolio include:

  • DOMAMID® PW 6 NC, a standard powder
  • DOMAMID® PW 6FC NC, a food contact-approved grade
  • DOMAMID® PW 6H1 BK, a black, pre-colored, heat resistant powder

One of the main issues with rotational molding when using colored material is the pigment dispersion and related pollution while dosing the masterbatch. DOMO has developed a pre-colored black solution, DOMAMID® PW 6H1 BK, that allows for clean dosing. These solutions can also be used as base for masterbatch production.

Another relevant benefit of DOMAMID® powders is their particle diameter. DOMO solutions are providing extremely good result as shown in table A.

Success stories:

Many customers rely on DOMAMID® powders for the production of truck air ducts, thanks to the solution’s excellent heat stabilization and mechanical properties, as well as the convenience of pre-colored powders for some parts.

Another noteworthy application field for DOMAMID® powders for rotomolding is fuel tanks for motocross motorbikes. DOMO supplies black and natural alternatives to many OEMs in this segment.

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Rotational molding

Rotational molding

DOMO Chemicals has developed some very capable powders for rotational molding-compatible powders for truck air ducts as well as for several types of chemical and fuel tanks.

(Picture ©DOMO Engineering Plastics Europe)

Rotational molding Part 2

Rotational molding

(Picture ©DOMO Engineering Plastics Europe)


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Elisabetta Testa

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