Domo's Sinterline PA6 powders combined with RPD’s SLS printer modified and upgraded from LSS, enable OEMs to step up their 3D printed parts performance.
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DOMO Chemicals and RPD partner on Sinterline® initiative to accelerate the advance of 3D printing

DOMO, a global polyamides solutions provider, has formed a strategic partnership with Rapid Product Development GmbH, an Austrian leader in advanced 3D printing product development, rapid prototyping, and mechanical processing.

Domo's Sinterline PA6 powders combined with RPD’s SLS printer modified and upgraded from LSS, enable OEMs to step up their 3D printed parts performance. Photo courtesy of RPD.

The increased use of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) in high-performance functional parts in automotive and other demanding market segments, has created a need for plastic materials that are capable of bridging the gap between conventional injection molding and 3D printing. DOMO’s partnership with RPD is strategically targeted at accelerating this production process transformation, by offering a growing range of dedicated Sinterline® PA6 SLS powders which are complemented by a complete package of support services.

The collaboration will benefit from RPD’s advanced know-how in application development and SLS process technology. A further advantage comes from the integrated component design capabilities of HUB by Sinterline®, DOMO’s unique set of SLS services from material selection to stringent physical part testing.

“As our Sinterline® Technyl® PA6 powders continue to set new standards in functional 3D printed applications, we are delighted to join forces with RPD,” says Dominique Giannotta, Sinterline Program Leader at DOMO Chemicals. “This partnership opens up new opportunities for SLS customers in near to small series automotive and other higher-volume application areas beyond prototyping,” he adds.

“Together, we will help designers and manufacturers maximize the benefits of our combined material and process expertise for enhanced product differentiation, faster time-to-market, and greater development cost efficiency in this game changing business,” Giannotta notes.

DOMO’s Sinterline® PA6 powders have become the preferred nylons choice within the 3D printing space. Their performance potential exceeds that of more conventional PA12 materials used in SLS processes. The product family is available in various unfilled and glass-filled grades. Just recently, a specialized PA6 based powder was added to the range to meet the requirements of functional wear-and-friction components.

“Sinterline® has pioneered the use of high-performance PA6 in 3D printing, and allows us to leverage the same polymer base that has proven so successful in many existing injection molding applications,” adds Wolfgang Kraschitzer, General Manager and Plastics Processing Leader at RPD. “Backed by the joint application development services of our companies, even highly stressed automotive components can now be successfully 3D printed in PA6 to near-series and fully functional quality standards.”

RPD and LSS have combined their strengths in 2017 and established DISTech. Based in Austria and Germany, the companies are jointly operating a state-of–the-art 3D printing Competence Center. Their specific skills – with RPD as production expert, LSS as specialist in service / support / upgrade and manufacturing from high-end industrial SLS printers, and DISTech in R&D and training supervisor in all matters of 3D printing – provide the perfect base for meeting demanding customer needs.

Further increasing the 3D printed parts potential, DOMO’s HUB by Sinterline® supports customers from design and material selection, right through to parts testing. It brings together MMI® Technyl® Design, an advanced predictive simulation tool, with the company’s Sinterline® 3D printing services and APT® (Application Performance Testing) capabilities. Each step is dedicated to supporting innovation and to help speed up time to market.

Technyl® is a trademark of DOMO. Until 1 February 2022, DOMO will not sell or distribute any Technyl® grades to customers and distributors outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

MMI® Technyl® Design is an advanced service powered by Digimat® from e-Xstream, part of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence 

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DOMO Chemicals is a leading producer of high-quality engineering nylon materials for a diverse range of markets, including the automotive, food, medical, pharmaceutical, chemicals and electronics industries. The company offers a complete portfolio of integrated nylon 6 and 66 products, including intermediates, resins, engineering plastics, performance fibres, packaging film and distribution of petrochemical products. Headquartered in Germany, the familyowned company leverages advanced technology and consumer insights to deliver sustainable & innovative solutions. DOMO generated 2019 sales over EUR 900 million and employs in 2020 approximately 2200 employees worldwide.

About RPT

Founded in 1997, with the mission to be the link between an idea and its first real product, RPD Rapid Product Development GmbH, is today a specialist in prototyping and serial production of challenging parts and assemblies. In the last years, the company has strengthened its position in the selective laser sintering 3D printing industry, both with metals and plastics. Combined with conventional machining processes, RPD is producing high end functional components including relevant quality control and documentation.

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