Florent Cottin receiving PCIAW award
Product news

DOMO Chemicals wins the 2021 PCIAW® award for its fibers with enhanced biodegradability

DOMO Chemicals, a PCIAW® (Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide) Trusted Member, has received an award at the 2021 PCIAW Summit & Awards which was held on November 2 & 3, 2021 in London. In the “Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Awards” category, DOMO won “the best innovation for fabric and fiber” award for its innovative fibers with enhanced biodegradability.  

The PCIAW Awards celebrate and reward companies which demonstrate innovation and creativity to deliver value for all market players within the professional clothing industry.  

At the 2021 Summit & Awards, Florent Cottin, Marketing Manager at DOMO Performance Fibres presented DOMO’s innovative & brand-new polyamide 6.6 fibers with enhanced biodegradability - using Amni Soul Eco patented technology from the Solvay Group. Florent led truly thought-provoking discussions on the potential role of DOMO’s biodegradable nylon 6.6 fibers as a viable solution for sustainable production of professional clothing commonly using synthetic materials which often go to permanent landfill or incineration.  

“As the textile industry embraces sustainable development concerns, regulatory push and economic pull are driving manufacturers to seek ways to reduce their impacts on the environment and decreasing the amount of waste left to future generations. DOMO’s fibers biodegrade in around 5 years after they have been discarded and landfilled, compared to more than 50 years for synthetic fibers in general,” states Florent. “DOMO’s solutions transform synthetic nylon 6.6 fibres into biodegradable materials by applying and dispersing specific additives in the polyamide 6.6 matrix is a key alternative to contend with high-performance professional clothing. As well, all the standard characteristics of nylon 6.6 such as durability, high tenacity, soft touch and abrasion resistance are maintained.”  

Thanks to our innovative biodegradable fiber, DOMO Chemicals was among the nominated companies at the prestigious 2021 PCIAW Awards and Florent Cottin, on behalf of DOMO Performance Fibres business, was thrilled to walk away as the winner of “the best innovation for fabric and fiber” award.  

“After what was an extremely challenging year, I am especially delighted to have received this award. It’s a fantastic acknowledgement of our achievements and commitment to sustainability. Of course, all the thanks go to the team, who made this success possible”, concludes Florent.