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DOMO Engineering Plastics presents the Econamid® Life Cycle Assessment at the conference “New Horizons in Environmental Protection”

The conference “New Horizons in Environmental Protection”, which took place on 11 June in Malpensa (Italy), was organized by TMP (Associazione Italiana Tecnici Materie Plastiche). It focused on sustainability and the use of polymers, bioplastics and recycling, and hosted the most important European industry members.

Life Cycle Assessment on Econamid®

DOMO Engineering Plastics presented the new Life Cycle Assessment carried out in collaboration with the company LC Engineering, on the Econamid® product range.

At the conference, Domenico Lo Curto, new business development manager of DOMO Engineering Plastics, explained the environmental benefit achieved by the utilization of DOMO’s recycled PA6 and 6.6 products produced in the Arco (Italy)  production plant, branded Econamid®, in comparison to their virgin equivalents and aluminum sheets.The study focused on the comparison of 4 grades: unfilled and 30% glass fiber reinforced polyamide 6 and 6.6. The Environmental figures presented refer to 1 kg delivered packed product. Generic data used to carry out the inventory analysis come from a commercial database as Ecolnvent v2.2 or from Eco profiles released by association of products as Plastics Europe 2005 for PA6 and PA6.6.

A significant environmental benefit

The assessment confirms the significant environmental benefit obtained by the use of Econamid® in all three analyzed parameters.“The study measured a reduction from 40% up to 90% on the 3 main environmental impacts object of the study” stated Lo Curto during his presentation.The polyamide scrap coming from textile manufacturing and used as secondary raw material leads to a decrease of greenhouse gases emission. The figures on Econamid® show also a decrease of gross energy requirement and total resources consumption than virgin products, as well.

Econamid benefits

Automotive applications

Recycled polymers originating from fiber scrap are not new in the industry, but the European legislation with the vehicle end life directive 2000/53/ec. is forcing the automotive industry to carefully analyze the environmental aspects of their production. This need has led to an increased demand for green solutions. The challenge is now to enhance the properties of these materials in order to allow the substitution of the prime grade also in sensitive automotive applications.

DOMO Engineering Plastics, as one of the leading players in recycled polyamide compounds, is making big steps ahead in this direction. Thanks to DOMO’s historical know how and strategic sourcing of high quality waste the Econamid® range stands for consistent quality and very low properties fluctuations. It represents a sustainable and reliable product range serving many main applications and industries.

R&D, technical marketing and customization

The Econamid® project is a never-ending improvement plan. DOMO R&D and technical marketing are constantly working on new procedures of waste sourcing and selection in order to keep increasing the quality. DOMO Engineering Plastics is offering not only a recycled and environmental friendly product, but a 360° customer service,  supporting customers from the development stage to the molding process. Econamid® is in fact available in a wide product range and product customization is what makes the difference.

The conference “New Horizons in Environmental Protection”

New products

In the spring of 2015 DOMO Engineering Plastics has launched two new Econamid® references.  Flame retardant compounds based on recycled Nylon, targeted for the E&E market sector. ECONAMID® 6G30 V0EF is a 30% glass fiber reinforced PA6 halogen and phosphorus free, while ECONAMID® 66G25 V0P is a 25% glass fiber reinforced PA6.6 with red phosphorus.