Domo at Agra 2015
Corporate news

DOMO fertilizer at agra fair

The agra took place at the Leipzig from 23. - 26. of April 2015. The fair is known as the largest trade fair for agriculture in the eastern part of Germany. Almost 49,000 visitors participated at the fair to get informed about news regarding agriculture, agricultural engineering, animal breeding and feed. agra registered a new record with 1004 exhibitors from fourteen countries. Among them were even 121 new exhibitors. The exhibition space has increased from 100,000 m² in 2013 to currently 110,000 m².
Agra 2015

Current demands of agriculture

Over the last years agra has developed into a meeting place for farmers, suppliers, producers, processors, for discussing current demands and possibilities of agricultural production. agra 2015 showed the latest technology, modern organization, updates for management, in short: agriculture from today and tomorrow.

DOMOGRAN® 45 ensures nutrient supply

DOMO Fertilizer focused on new priorities, such as the economical use of resources, and the assured 36 meters spreading width of  DOMOGRAN® 45. Through environmentally friendly application and efficient action DOMOGRAN® 45 ensures the nutrient supply of different crops.

Agra turned out to be an excellent opportunity to present DOMO Fertilizer as a traditional and cooperative company with high production  standards and passion for the product. The next agra will takes place 4. - 7. May 2017.