DOMO: first supplier to obtain UL RTI electrical rating for a mechanical recycled polyamide solution.
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DOMO: first supplier to obtain UL RTI electrical rating for a mechanical recycled polyamide solution

DOMO Chemicals, a global engineered materials manufacturer, is moving forward on its sustainability journey and has now marked another significant milestone by receiving, for the first time in the polyamide industry, the UL RTI electrical rating on a mechanical recycled sustainable polyamide solution.

The new UL card file E44716  was published on April 24, and certifies an RTI electric value of 130°C from 0.74 to 3 mm (all colors) for the recycled PA66-based, 30% glass-reinforced halogen-free TECHNYL® 4EARTH® A1E 60G1 V30, classified UL 94 V0 @0.75

Sustainable and flame retardant polyamides for electrical & electronic applications

For electrical & electronic (E&E) applications, halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) materials are essential for fire safety. At the same time, manufacturers want to reduce their overall CO2 footprint and promote circularity of their products by incorporating recycled materials in their designs. Now they can respond to both imperatives with one compound, thanks to DOMO Chemicals' new range of TECHNYL® 4EARTH® sustainable HFFR polyamides.

Halogen-free flame retardant materials

DOMO is a pioneer in HFFR technology, with more than 20 years of experience in the market. This includes its benchmark products, TECHNYL STAR® S 60X1 V30, and TECHNYL® ONE J 60X1 V30.

The company is harnessing its expertise in HFFR technology and its prowess in recycled polyamides to provide more sustainable solutions for the E&E sector. The new sustainable alternative achieved the first short term UL yellow card certification back in 2022, while the full long term mechanical rating is expected end-2023.

In terms of product performance, it is commonly assumed that recycled means making compromises. The TECHNYL® 4EARTH® HFFR offering has overcome this hurdle, providing the same level of flame retardancy with 50% recycled as with virgin material. Nor is there any impact on electrical performance for the recycled PA66, as the dielectric strength retention under temperature and time, for the recycled based, is equivalent to virgin polyamide.

DOMO is now tackling the next level of complexity, which is to add lighter shades to the sustainable HFFR line-up to meet the color requirements of customers for E&E products.

The company already offers light gray RAL 7035 and creamy white RAL9001, which are common colors for electric & electronic applications, as well as the even lighter shade of RAL 9003.

The E&E market requires HFFR solutions that provide the requisite levels of fire safety and mechanical and electrical performance. At the same time, E&E producers are compelled to tackle their overall CO2 footprint and increase the circularity of their products. Now they have a way to meet both burdens, thanks to DOMO’s new range of TECHNYL® 4EARTH® sustainable HFFR polyamides.

The new UL card file E44716