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DOMO launches ‘Care to be Safe’ journey

In line with World Day for Safety and Health at Work, DOMO has launched Care to be Safe – the start of a new safety journey that has been created by employees for employees.

Today is an important day in the industry's annual safety calendar. As we mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work, DOMO Chemicals is proud to unveil a fresh approach to health and safety in the form of “Care to be Safe”.  The new safety brand and logo represent DOMO’s safety approach in the best possible way: together, united in our effort to achieve our common safety goals. This represents a joint effort on safety and alignment towards a common goal.

“Our ambition is to be a benchmark in our industry. We want to provide a safe workplace for everybody. Accidents and injuries are preventable and together we have to work every day, in everything we do, to realize this. Every injury is one too many and none of us should tolerate them happening. That’s why we will start a safety journey where zero injury is our common goal.”
Yves Bonte
Yves Bonte
CEO, DOMO Chemicals

Care, safety and diversity

"Care to be Safe" is framed around three core principles that are represented visually by the new logo.

The three colleagues are depicted working together as a team with trust and accountability, taking ownership of care for themselves and each other. The three people merge to form the shape of a helmet, depicting the importance of safety in both its shape and use of yellow and black hazard colors. Diversity is represented by the fact the three colleagues are equal in size and stature, underlining how every employee is treated with equal importance.  

The ultimate aim of the program is to improve safety leadership and galvanize employee involvement in this area of vital importance.  

In November 2020, DOMO challenged its employees around the world to create a concept for a new safety brand. The response was overwhelming, with 146 proposals being submitted by 67 employees across eight countries. In developing Care to be Safe, DOMO has created five building blocks that are represented in the safety wheel. These are safety leadership; employee involvement; operational conformance; risk control; and continuous learning.

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The next step for the company is to canvass employee opinion from across the entire organization, an endeavor which will take the form of a specific safety survey to ensure the contribution of every employee is considered in the development of a new Care to be Safe culture.

“With it being the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, all eyes are on welfare,” Bonte adds. “I cannot think of any better time to kick-off our new safety journey.”