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DOMO showcases TECHNYL® 4EARTH® and ECONAMID® at Asian Sustainable Technology Day

With a goal to accelerate global use of sustainable plastics, DOMO Chemicals will be showcasing both TECHNYL® 4EARTH® and ECONAMID® at the next Volvo Car Asia Pacific Sustainable Raw Materials Tech Day, being held this Friday 18 December at the company’s Asia Pacific Headquarters in Shanghai.

The DOMO booth at the Volvo Car Asia Pacific Sustainable Materials Tech Day

As all sectors of industry increasingly look for ways to reduce their environmental footprint in the transition to a circular economy, DOMO’s TECHNYL® 4EARTH® and ECONAMID® engineering plastics are proving game-changers, providing breakthrough performance comparable to traditional polyamides.

The demand for recycled plastics is expected to grow exponentially in the next decade. At the same time, the inconsistent performance of recycled materials has prevented their use in the most demanding applications. TECHNYL® 4EARTH®, developed from postindustrial air bags fiber production, is a top performing grade meeting the most demanding technical requirements and broadens the scope of automotive applications. ECONAMID®, which is based on recycled post-industrial textile fibres recycling, provides significant sustainability credentials compared to virgin base solutions.

Using unique fibre feedstock, monitoring energy consumption, and using renewable energy sources has allowed DOMO to produce these top-quality ‘green’ range of products.

The life cycle assessment (LCA) study performed on these materials illustrates the significant benefits for the environment that come with using this material. The results show that ECONAMID® & TECHNYL® 4EARTH® grant up to 70% less water, 60% less non-renewable energy consumption, and results in up to 80% less CO2 emissions, when compared to the use of prime grade alternatives. *

Major manufacturers, such as Volvo, Renault and Philips are targeting recycled content of 20% and more in their products in the coming years. As a brand renowned among automotive manufacturers for being reliable and sustainable, we are delighted to be participating in this Tech Day to showcase how our products are helping the global drive for sustainability,” says Fabrizio Cochi, General Manager, DOMO Chemicals Asia Pacific.

*Data refers to PA6 30% & 35 % glass fiber reinforced solutions

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