Future Jellyfish - by ELISA POGGI
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DOMO sponsors leading competition organized by the Italian Union of Photoamateurs

Sustainable thinking is part of DOMO Group's DNA, and we believe it is our responsibility to provide solutions that help solve today’s major environmental issues affecting our planet. This means we are always operating in a mode constructive criticism of current thinking, in the deep conviction that we have the ability to make our industry and our products more sustainable while continuing to create value for all stakeholders in our corporate ecosystem.


The sometimes-negative tones in the plastics debate often fail to consider how beneficial this material is when managed within controlled life cycles. Polyamides exist within countless products that have a highly positive impact on our lives. They are versatile, lightweight, resilient and heat resistant. For many applications within global impact industries such as mobility, healthcare, consumer goods and urbanization, they are an excellent ally – not only in terms of adaptability and performance, but also in regard to important sustainable development cycles such as circularity and light-weighting.

In addition to the continuous reduction of our production’s environmental footprint, DOMO is a market leader in the commercialization of materials derived from secondary raw materials, leveraging industrial waste from other sectors, chiefly textiles and packaging. Our brands ECONAMID® and TECHNYL®4EARTH® use these wastes with a resulting lower consumption of polymer from oil.

At DOMO, we believe in the power of shared effort. The manufacturing sector and society have a collective responsibility to work more closely together. And DOMO is committed to working together across the entire plastics value chain – from raw material producers to recycling service providers – to facilitate the transition from a linear economy to a resource-efficient circular economy.



For this reason, DOMO has decided to sponsor 2021’s Photo Contest organized by the National Congress of the Italian Union of Photoamateurs, entitled "Glances on the environment and its protection". This year the event has focused on the theme of the conservation of our natural heritage, touching on all aspects related to it, such as the responsible management of natural resources, the reduction of pollution and the reuse of materials at their end of life with recycling.

The shots could cover both artificial and natural scenarios that refer to the concept of reuse of resources or even just abstractly the concept of circularity in nature.

The images could refer to human behavior aimed at safeguarding nature in an infinite number of areas including waste management, reuse of objects at their end of life to create new items, and sustainable mobility.

Participating amateurs have granted DOMO the right to use their photographs in its corporate communications.



The award ceremony of the competition was held in Arco, Italy, at the Hotel Palace Città, on Saturday

October 30 and was followed by a gala dinner.


Future Jellyfish - by ELISA POGGI

The winners:

1.    ELISA POGGI with the picture: Future jellyfish

For the originality and the provocative force that focuses attention on pollution through plastic in our oceans and in the environment in general.

A sea of energy by TIBERIO VALERIO

2.    TIBERIO VALERIO with the picture: A sea of energy 

A precious sea because with its artificial waves allows the acquisition of non-polluting solar energy, but leads us to reflect on the environmental damage caused by its construction.

Wounded environment by MARCO ZURLA

3.    MARCO ZURLA with the picture: Wounded environment   

Fires: a theme that has been very much in the spotlight in recent years, where climate change and the "murderous" hand of man have strongly favored their development. The bright red of the flames represents the death wound of the environment.

New Energy by Vallonchini Domenico

The Reports:

Vallonchini Domenico with the photo: New Energy 

Bike Parking by Alderighi Massimo

Alderighi Massimo with the photo: Bike Parking 


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