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ECONAMID®: High-Tech Hit, Low Production Footprint

As experts from around the world gathered for this year’s Plastics in Automotive Engineering conference in Mannheim on the 3rd and 4th of April, we were proud to showcase our latest sustainable plastics developments for this strategic market. We enjoyed welcoming old and new automotive industry customers to the DOMO booth, displaying our lightweight engineering solutions and PA66-replacement alternatives.

The automotive industry has made huge strides over the last ten years, introducing a wealth of impressive technical innovations. As the world’s car makers unveil amazing new technologies every year, one of DOMO’s key sustainability goals is to cut CO2 emissions through metal or thermoset replacement.

Accordingly, we are doing our utmost to reduce the weight of new models as much as possible – making vehicles safer, greener and more affordable for consumers. Plastic materials have been the hi-tech hit of recent years thanks to their outstanding durability and lightness.

Our DOMAMID® XS, designed for strength and stiffness, minimum warpage and optimal processing, has already replaced several metal applications in the under-the-bonnet segment. By substituting aluminium with DOMAMID® XS, you can achieve weight savings of up to 40% without compromising on strength.

Another unique material we can offer the automotive industry for lightweight applications is ECONAMID® AIR, a carbon fibre-reinforced PA6 compound that is 100% recycled (base and filler). ECONAMID® AIR boasts high stiffness at low density plus electrical conductivity and improved tribological properties. The combination of recycled carbon fibre and fibre feedstock significantly reduces this material’s production footprint – even compared to the standard ECONAMID® solutions.

DOMO’s range of light engineering materials now also includes DOMOTAPE™ – composite sheets that combine strong fibres with the strength and versatility of polyamide and polypropylene. DOMOTAPE™ can be used as a single reinforcing sheet or in a combination of multiple angled layers. UD tapes are applied to the final part mostly through back moulding or winding. These products are typically used in car seats, but DOMO experts are at your disposal to help you redesign whatever specific metal application you are working on.

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