Active ageing

Fitter for longer

The body is no longer just kept healthy with wholesome food and regular workouts, but also optimized with smart clothing, body-regulating wearables, and even implants. You can stay at your peak for longer by tracking and tuning your fitness with connected wristbands, smart mirrors and cognitive training devices. With advances in medicine and greater appreciation of self-care, it is no wonder that people are living longer, more active lives. And, wider awareness of and access to clean and safe food and water contact materials has also contributed greatly to improvements in health and wellbeing.


Tailored lifestyle

Customization is already a powerful trend in retail – and it is also set to replace off-the-shelf solutions in medicine and wellness. With ever more accurate tracking technologies, affordable DNA kits and lighter, customizable materials for medical devices, staying in good health is getting more personal. At the same time, people are enjoying more than ever the benefits of the great outdoors to body and mind, leading to a boon in demand for high-tech outdoor sporting gear. Much of these exciting lifestyle advances are enabled by engineering polyamides.

application running

The right materials for better living

DOMO’s array of polymers are the optimal ingredients for smarter, healthier living with best-in-class benchmark plastics that help to manage heat, conductivity and electromagnetic interference. This includes nylon-based solutions for technical sportswear and outdoor gear, including Performance Fibers. In addition to DOMO’s virgin resins, DOMAMID® and STABAMID®, the TECHNYL® line of polyamides deliver superior mechanical performance for sporting goods applications like bicycles, footwear, winter sports, fishing and camping equipment, and much more. They also feature high impact modified, and glass or carbon reinforced grades for winter sports equipment. 

Explore all megatrends

Polyamides are fascinating materials whose infinite capacity for useful transformation never stops to inspire us. Those we make serve as tough, light, durable and sustainability-enhancing materials in many markets. Discover more mega trends and our polyamide-based solutions.