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Customized wish fulfillment on the fly

For today’s lifestyle products, it is no longer enough to offer one size fits all. Customization and personalization provide a way to stand out from the crowd, and virtual fitting rooms, attentive algorithms and 3D printers are set to make even the most unique whims a reality. As for delivery, self-driving vehicles and package-carrying drones will take the lead in providing faster distribution for consumers, while in households, digital aids and robotic servants will take on menial tasks. None of this would be possible without engineering plastics.

Lifestyle ROBOT

Consumer convergence

Besides a desire for personalized self-expression, today’s consumers expect an ever more immersive experience. To attract their interest, stores may become virtual theme parks with augmented reality features and other digital diversions. The focus on experience and comfort is reflected in fashion, where athleisure blurs the lines between casual and athletic wear. The hidden foundation for our more customized, convenient and experience-rich lives will depend on "industry 4.0,” with its connected networks of automated supply chains and production lines. Much of this foundation and its new and exciting lifestyle complements are enabled by engineering polymers.

Industry and consumer goods

The stuff that modern lifestyles are made of

DOMO’s innovative and sustainable portfolio makes lifestyle choices easy – and the resulting products a sure fit. The lightweight, conductive, flame-retardant and 3D-printable engineering plastics for the many digital devices transforming our lives are made from TECHNYL® polyamides. And the robust, flexible and lightweight products for sports equipment, consumer goods, and personal technology that help us more fully enjoy our lifestyle choices are also made possible by DOMAMID® and STABAMID® virgin resins and TECHNYL® compounds.

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In these globalized and digitally connected times, lifestyle choices are more personalized and diverse than ever. At DOMO Chemicals we formulate solutions to meet consumers precise needs. For more sustainable, personalized, and comfortable consumer goods. From power tools to garden equipment, from home appliances to sport & leisure applications, discover in how many fields TECHNYL® is accompanying us in our daily free time.

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Polyamides are fascinating materials whose infinite capacity for useful transformation never stops to inspire us. Those we make serve as tough, light, durable and sustainability-enhancing materials in many markets. Discover more mega trends and our polyamide-based solutions.