Autonomous vehicles

Tapping the power of disruption

As electric vehicle (EV) sales, including hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, double every year, market growth is increasingly being stimulated by policies and regulations favoring low-emission vehicles. Consumers are fully embracing the EV trend, while hydrogen is becoming an increasingly promising source of power for heavier vehicles.

With some 3 billion vehicles expected to be on the roads in the coming decades, their parts and components will have to meet rigorous requirements in terms of lightweighting, environmental impact, safety, and performance. It is against these future benchmarks that DOMO is continuously developing its range of TECHNYL® polyamides for the automotive sector. 

EV charging

A new dimension of driving

Once the realm of science fiction, self-driving or autonomous vehicles are fast becoming a reality, as the technology evolves at an astounding pace. Advanced driver-assistance systems are already standard in many premium class cars and fully autonomous and shared autonomous vehicle services are in late stages of development.

Self-navigation and connectivity will be a game changer in the automotive industry, spurring innovation and opportunities for both carmakers and suppliers. The premium segment will continue to push the technological boundaries to provide the most cutting-edge capabilities, while advanced driver-assistance systems soon become standard on mid- and entry-level vehicles, driving overall market growth. DOMO’s range of TECHNYL® polyamides for the automotive industry will help you maintain a competitive edge in this new dimension of mobility.

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Innovative materials

A new, more sustainable era of mobility requires advances in vehicle engineering and more innovative materials to build them. Light, tough engineering plastics that replace metals in cars, reducing weight and the environmental footprint? DOMO’s TECHNYL® polyamide solutions have all the right properties. Superior heat resistance for tighter under-the-hood spaces, safe housings for batteries and electronics, esthetic interior and exterior surfaces, continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics and a wide range of recycled options? TECHNYL® polyamide solutions have you covered.

High-purity compounds formulated to ensure safety-critical functionality, as well as fire-resistant formulations for high-voltage automotive components and cabling in electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles? DOMO’s TECHNYL® polyamides are some of the most innovative solutions for a new era of mobility.

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To support the development of a more sustainable and safer mobility we formulate solutions for increased light weighting, connectivity, electrification and reduced environmental impact of modern vehicles with solutions dedicated to each automotive segment: battery pack, fuel cell, high voltage solutions, thermal management, interior, exterior and structural applications. Discover the full TECHNYL® range dedicated to mobility in our video! 

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Polyamides are fascinating materials whose infinite capacity for useful transformation never stops to inspire us. Those we make serve as tough, light, durable and sustainability-enhancing materials in many markets. Discover more mega trends and our polyamide-based solutions.