Urban gardening

New visions of intelligent growth

While rooftop greenhouses and vertical farming may blur the distinction between the city and countryside, the sharing economy will turn urban spaces into collaborative platforms, where co-working and community living blend. Making collaboration easier, intelligent networks, enhanced by technologies like 5G, bind not just citizens but entire metropolises into an organic whole. On streets, in parking spots, under bridges, in buildings and sewer pipes, the future city will be pulsing with smart cables and devices that generate connectedness – made possible in part thanks to conductive, flexible and flame-retardant engineering polyamides.

New city homes

Bringing harmony to urban life cycles

Making cities greener won’t just lead to more urban agricultural products, but will also foster a greater quality of life. Sustainable buildings will help to reduce the impact on the environment, and circular economy principles will extend the life cycles of materials and minimize waste. New living concepts will welcome 3D-printed homes, modular furniture and delivery drones to facilitate life in tighter urban spaces, none of which would be possible without engineering plastics.

home of tomorrow

Building the smart, sustainable habitats of tomorrow

To build our future cities, adaptable, durable and renewable materials are required, which can be found in DOMO’S innovative and sustainable portfolio of polyamide solutions.

This includes plastics for piping and thermal insulation, polymers for furniture and carpets, and an entire package of lightweight and recycled solutions for replacing metal and reducing the environmental impact of households. DOMAMID® and STABAMID® virgin resins and TECHNYL® products offer outstanding performance, esthetics and processability, helping to make even the most advanced urban concepts a reality.

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By 2050, more than two thirds of the world’s population is expected to live in cities. But these are projected to be quite different from today, driven by digitalization, circularity, safety and massification. At DOMO Chemicals, we develop polyamide solutions to create more sustainable and smart cities. Learn more about our solutions dedicated to furniture, doors and windows, water management, transportation, charging infrastructure & photovoltaic.

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Polyamides are fascinating materials whose infinite capacity for useful transformation never stops to inspire us. Those we make serve as tough, light, durable and sustainability-enhancing materials in many markets. Discover more mega trends and our polyamide-based solutions.