600 million euros invested

DOMO Chemicals combined the continuation of good tradition of the German chemical industry with the revitalization of chemical plant after several years of stagnation.

20 years ago, a large investment project started for the expansion and comprehensive modernization of the caprolactam production. The existing facilities that were at that time in a very poor condition, were brought up to date within the shortest time. Other facilities such as a sulphuric acid production, a plant for the production of polyamide 6 and a carpet yarn plant were newly built. Nowadays 170,000 t / year of caprolactam are produced compared to 50,000 t / year 20 years ago. This illustrates a very positive development.

Celebration of the 20th anniversary at the cultural center Leuna

Jan De Clerck, President and owner of the Domo Group, commented on the ceremony marking the 20th anniversary: "We are proud of what has been built in 20 years on the Leuna foundations. Our approach is a stronger focus on customer-centric innovation."

His Excellency, the Belgian Ambassador Renier Nijskens, who also took part in the celebrations in Leuna, emphasized "the importance for Belgium of Germany, being a true partner with its stable market economy and its dynamic policy. Germany is not only the first trading partner, but also a basic objective for our very successful investments. The characteristics of a great independent management will always allow the workers and employees to feel at home."
Prime Minister, Dr. Reiner Haseloff, emphasized at the ceremony: "In the early 90’s it was a national decision to preserve the chemical site in Leuna. Without the great commitment in general and many foreign investors in particular we would not have reached that goal. The entry of DOMO group in Leuna has been and remains a godsend for the region and the entire Saxony-Anhalt."

photo of the celebration conference

A competitive, modern and highly integrated chemicals and plastics location

"Incredible what the team has created and successfully put into operation," says Alex Segers, CEO of DOMO Chemicals. "Until today we have invested more than 600 million euros at the Leuna site. As you know, investment and the success of companies are decided by people and implemented by people. This has always been and still remains our strength in Leuna. The entire team has been working hard day after day and created with a positive, solution-oriented attitude the company, which we are celebrating today." Luc De Raedt, CEO of Domo Caproleuna GmbH adds:" Having a strong team is top, but to ensure establishing a strong young staff is an additional, very special accomplishment. This is clearly succeeded."

Revenues of Domo Chemicals worldwide rose from EUR 100 million in 1994 to more than EUR 900 million in 2013. Today we can determine that Leuna site is a competitive, modern and highly integrated chemicals and plastics industrial site. At this place the growth of DOMO Chemicals has its base. Caprolactam - produced in Leuna - is converted to nylon 6 resins here and on the Premnitz site. Polyamide 6 is refined into high-quality plastics in Premnitz and further Domo Chemicals sites like Arco in Italy and Jiaxing in China. Since 01 July 2014 Italy has been producing high-quality packaging films at the new location in Cesano Maderno.