Chemical Sector approved as a strategic industry 

Most of the European countries have designated the Chemical Industry as a strategic sector to provide essential services and products that allow companies such as DOMO Chemicals to continue production. The Chemical and Plastics Industries are qualified and well equipped to address many world challenges in times of crises. 

DOMO ensures the health and well-being of all its colleagues, customers, suppliers and the broader global community. DOMO’s products, which include solutions for packaging, textile, agricultural and technical applications, play a critical role in supplying the Healthcare and Food Industries. Polyamide-based innovations meet some of the world’s greatest challenges, helping to protect human health as well as the environment, and therefore reduce the current impact on the world we all share.

A focus on safety and business continuity  

In compliance with local laws and regulations, all DOMO companies have adopted measures to prevent the spread of infections and are continuously staying up to date on the evolution of national states of emergency to further secure the Group’s safety and continuation of our operations under the best conditions possible.

The following measures have been in place for all sites across DOMO:

Health and Safety

  • Increasing our cleaning efforts across all sites with an emphasis on door handles,   light switches, kitchen and lunchroom areas
  • Implementing temperature screenings for all employees and visitors
  • Promoting personal hygiene, such as handwashing for at least 30 seconds
  • Providing hand sanitizers and encouraging their use
  • Posting site wide guidelines about COVID-19 health and safety practices at site entry and exit points
  • Ensuring ongoing stock and supply of personal protective equipment
  • Smart working across all sites, where possible
  • stablishing social distancing measures limiting the number of employees in control rooms, labs and open offices.
  • Prohibiting domestic and international business travel
  • Maintaining practices consistent with WHO and respective government guidelines

 Plant Operations

Business continuity plans are in place to ensure safe and stable operations, while continuing to serve our customers by adjusting production to changes in supply and demand. All company’s manufacturing locations continue to run at robust production rates necessary to meet customer orders. 

“By acting responsibly, we actively respond to the health and economic challenge ahead of us. This reflects on each of us by ensuring our basic vital needs: eating, drinking, healing and living in acceptable living conditions,” says Yves Bonte, CEO DOMO Chemicals, “As such, I would like to warmly thank all of our teams but also all those frontliners who, from near and far, manage with courage and commitment this challenging period, from which we will all emerge stronger."

Francoise Jirgens

Francoise Jirgens

Corporate MarCom & Sustainability Manager