• Deal includes Engineering Plastics operations in France and Poland; High Performance Fibers in France; Polymer and Intermediates operations in France, Spain & Poland.
• Acquisition will significantly strengthen Domo Chemicals’ downstream nylon based engineering materials business - and create a European leader with scale.
• Strong reputation of Technyl® brand will perfectly complement DOMO’s polyamide portfolio

The acquisition of this leading PA 6.6 business will significantly strengthen Domo Chemicals’ downstream nylon based engineering plastics business - and create a European leader with scale, entering the market with a top position in PA6/6.6 in Europe. The result: a backward integrated business with unique technology capabilities and a secured supply of key raw materials. There will be a strong focus on driving combined innovation, whilst accelerating future growth. Through the acquisition Domo Chemicals Turn Over will grow from 900 mio € to 1,600 mio €.

Speaking for DOMO Chemicals, Alex Segers, CEO called the acquisition “a major step forward.” “By integrating the complementary strengths of the diverse teams and talents of both companies, we will enhance our excellence towards our customers by building a unique and competitive integrated Nylon solution provider (6 and 6.6) driven by a strong innovation platform to push future sustainable growth. The strong reputation of the Technyl® brand will perfectly complement DOMO’s wide DOMAMID® range of engineered and virgin polyamide resin grades and ECONAMID® range of recycled polyamides. We are looking forward to offering employees from both companies great opportunities for personal and career development.”

About DOMO Chemicals

DOMO Chemicals is a leading producer of high-quality engineering materials for a diverse range of markets, including the automotive, food, medical, pharmaceutical, chemicals and electronics industries. The company offers a complete portfolio of integrated nylon 6 products, including intermediates, resins, engineering plastics and packaging film and distribution of petrochemical products. Headquartered in Germany, the family-owned company leverages advanced technology and consumer insights to deliver sustainable & innovative solutions. DOMO generated 2018 sales over EUR 900 million and employs approximately 1100 employees worldwide.

Francoise Jirgens

Francoise Jirgens

Corporate MarCom & Sustainability Manager



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