DOMO Engineering Plastics is part of DOMO Chemicals, a German based, worldwide operating polyamide expert and material engineering company.

The engineering plastics division has production facilities in Germany, Italy, US, India and China. Its local sales, customer service and technical service teams are dedicated to provide solutions for a multitude of industries, from automotive, to E&E, oil and gas, sports & leisure, consumer goods and industrial applications.

The strength of its full range offer on the East European market is its high and stable worldwide reputed product quality and expertise, its customized service, and its innovative drive.

Products highlighted on the Plastpol are DOMAMID®, polyamide PA6 and PA66 based compounds for developed for high fluidity, stiffness and aesthetic appeal, ECONAMID®, PA6 and PA66 compounds, based on environmentally sustainable feedstock (low CO2 footprint), offering a sustainable choice for many applications in a wide variety of markets and THERMEC™, compounds with enhanced performance at high temperatures.
DOMO will also showcase 2 new materials, ECONAMID® AIR, a carbon fiber reinforced sustainable polyamide range for lightweight and sustainability solutions with top mechanical performances, and THERMEC™ ZED, designed for high-end 3D applications.