COVID 19 prevention in India

DOMO has been involved in several projects specifically related to COVID 19 prevention. One of them is the supply of polyamide (DOMAMID® 6NC) to a safety mask manufacturer by our Indian company, DOMO Engineering Plastics India PVT LTD. Thanks to its strong supply network and its flexibility, DOMO India has provided the material for the filter valve of their N95 mask model.

India has been in lockdown since March 25. Since then, as has been the case in many other countries, solely the production and service activities related to critical supply chains has been permitted. The production of essential commodities and medical supplies has been allowed, but only after receiving special authorization.

As a result, DOMO India management had to obtain concessions for the opening of our Navi Mumbai facility in order to recommence production from May 1. All the necessary documentation was made available for the customer while production has run in compliance with local laws and COVID 19 prevention regulations. The concessions meant that 16.6 MT of material could be produced at the plant, and shipped just two days after the receipt of the order.

The value of a resilient team and network

DOMO Engineering Plastics India is actively contributing to the battle against COVID 19. The ability to fulfill an order during such trying circumstances highlights the ability of our Indian team to execute and fulfill their objectives through strong determination and resilience. An ever-present sales team, together with an efficient supply chain have reaffirmed their value during this difficult situation.

Elisabetta Testa

Elisabetta Testa

Marketing & Communications, Domo Engineering Plastics